Buy Your Dead Fish For Less At Walmart

A reader sent us the following pics of the neglected aquariums in her local Walmart in Carmi, Illinois. She complained to a manager, but when she checked back “several hours later,” the tanks remained untouched. Well, the dead fish were probably slightly smaller, since the remaining live fish were eating them.

I was shopping at my local Walmart today, in Carmi, Illinois, when I walked through their pet section. I noticed their fish tanks were full of dead and decaying fish. It was very nasty and very upsetting for my young child. After searching the sales floor for assistance, I finally found someone working in the electronics area. He was very friendly and genuinely seemed concerned, but expressed an inability to do anything about it. He asked if I wanted to speak with a manager – He paged for a manager to come to the counter. After several minutes had passed, he made a phone call asking for a member of management. Finally, a manager “Pam” came out. While she seemed nice, she seemed mostly unconcerned about the dead fish. She said she’d have it addressed. Several hours later, I went back and snapped these photos – the tanks had not been touched.

I didn’t bother trying to speak with anyone else.

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