New Zealand Bank Error Fugitives Foiled By Facebook Status Update

You know how it goes. You go out and have too many beers, then post a Facebook update with a bit too much information about your evening. Maybe you take it down once you sober up the next day, but not before the damage is done.

Then, if you’re Aroha Hurring of New Zealand, Interpol uses your status update to track down you, your sister, her boyfriend, and the millions of dollars his bank mistakenly deposited in his account.

Last week, Consumerist brought you the story of the struggling gas station owners who were the recipients of a $10,000,000 NZD bank error, then wired the money out of the country and hadn’t been heard from since.

Rotorua service station owners Leo Gao and his girlfriend Cara Young fled New Zealand with about $NZ3 million after they discovered the money in their bank account.

But their chances of being caught have increased after they were joined overseas by Ms Young’s sister, Aroha Hurring, who posted details about their location on her Facebook page.

Police believe the trio are in China after Ms Hurring foolishly updated her status to say she was drinking the local Asian beer and enjoying the heat.

Saying that they’ve been “foiled” is perhaps a little hasty. They haven’t been found yet, and things get a little bit more complicated seeing that New Zealand has no extradition treaty with China.

Protip: if you’re the subject of an international manhunt, keep your accomplices off social networking sites.

Facebook blunder betrays NZ millionaires [ABC] (Thanks, Kim!)

(Photo: lobsterstew)

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