IKEA's Memorial Day Deals Sound Nice If You Can Find Them

One thing we’ve always hated about shopping at IKEA is how their inventory varies so much from website to store to store, making it hard to track down something you wanted to purchase. Their big Memorial Day sale is no better. Tracy was checking out the website and flyers for the sale and noticed some fine print at the bottom.

The RITVA curtains are on sale on Sunday only, except in the Paramus, NJ location, where they’re on sale on Monday only. What’s more, “all offers not valid” at the Charlotte, Houston, Stoughton, and Tampa stores, as well as at IKEA Direct. We don’t know if that means select offers will be valid, or if they’re not participating at all. Oh, do you want to use that breakfast coupon? It’s not valid at the Charlotte, Hicksville, Houston, Pittsburgh, Stoughton or Tampa locations, as well as at IKEA Direct.

It’s annoying because sales like this tend to bring in shoppers, which means those stores that aren’t participating will still benefit from the larger marketing push while not actually offering the deals their shoppers are looking for.

If you actually want to take advantage of anything being promoted on the website or in the flyer, you’d better call your nearby store before heading out there to confirm that it will be in stock and be on sale. Or you can stay home and save your money this weekend, and wait until IKEA can get all of its stores to agree to participate equally in what’s being promoted as a national sale.

(Photo: (nutmeg))

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