Intern for Consumers Union in Austin

Apply now for a great internship with Consumers Union, the publisher of Consumerist and Consumer Reports. This is a part-time, year-long internship with the Share Your Story team, based in CU’s Austin, TX, office. Responsibilities will include reading through stories submitted by consumers, writing case studies for CU sites, and helping to identify ways to solve consumer problems. Applicants should live in the Austin area. Apply here.

(Photo: treasuresthouhast)


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  1. EllaMcWho says:

    I’d love that job if it wasn’t an internship. I currently make $85K in Austin, so it would need to be competitive with current earnings!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Where are you making $85K in Austin? I live in Austin and have seen no such jobs. Most everything here pays between $10-$15 an hour no matter what your education or experience level. I keep wondering why Austin makes the “best places to live, work, buy a house, etc” when there are no jobs. Austin is becoming more and more like Southern California as they keep moving here to escape the high unemployment there. Wait until they get their property tax bill. Wherever you are in the US, remember, the grass isn’t always greener, especially in Austin.

  3. Keter says:

    I wonder what it would take to get a job with CU. I live near Austin, but haven’t previously seen a single job listing for CU, and wasn’t even aware that they had an Austin team. Shouldn’t a consume advocacy group be known and accessible to consumers?