Craigslist-Bought PS2 Doubles As Roach Motel

Posting on a Gametrailers Forum, gamer VictoriousOne tells a horror story of buying a PS2 on Craigslist, played it for weeks until it broke, then opened it up to find a bunch of roaches inside.

As gross as this sh*t is, we gotta give this PS2 credit for lasting so long, and for possibly being the only system on earth to ever house some dirty little cockroaches!

That’s not counting the cockroaches that are infested deep down in the PS2. I still didn’t even open the cover that shows the motherboard…and I don’t think I want to. That’s also not counting the cockroaches that fell on the carpet while opening up the system!

What’s extremely weird and disturbing is the fact that this PS2 was always being used. The guy I bought it from told me that it’s always been in his kids’ room and it was always being played until they bought a Wii…two days before I bought it from them on craigslist!

Which means some other guy will likely be buying an iinfested Wii on Craigslist at some point, provided the seller’s kids don’t get bored with it before a family of roaches is able to make itself at home.

GameTrailers Forum [GameTrailers, via Destructoid]
(Photo: VictoriousOne)

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