A Few Spaces Left For Consumerist Party Tuesday

There’s about 30 spots left if you want to go to the Consumerist/Consumer Reports party/panel-discussion this Tuesday night from 6-8pm at the 92Y at 200 Hudson in New York, NY. Come Hear Ben Popken, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark, MSNBC’s Red Tape Chronicles Bob Sullivan, and The Daily Beast’s Rachel Sklar. Moderated by Consumer Reports Editorial Director Kevin McKean, the topic is “Defending The Endangered Consumer: High Impact Journalism in a Low-Budget Era.” Also in attendance, Consumerist bloggers Meg Marco, Carey Greenberg-Berger, Chris Walters, Alex Chasick and Laura Northrup. Should be a good time. RSVP for a free drink at rsvp@consumerist.com.

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