Linens ‘N Things Returns From The Dead In Online Form

Linens ‘N Things is back. It’s an Internet-only entity for now, and sells higher-end items than the original incarnation. We’re talking $1600 linens and marble cheese-serving things here.

Where did it come from? Surprisingly, the brand name was not bought by TigerDirect. The newly formed LNT Acquisition, LLC bought the name, Web site, mailing lists, and proprietary brands for $1 million in the bankruptcy proceedings.

LNT Acquisition is a joint venture between liquidators Hilco Consumer Capital, LLC and Gordon Brothers Brands, LLC. They’ve purchased familiar-but-liquidated retail brands like Sharper Image and Bombay Furniture Company.

Don’t go crying to the new Linens ‘N Things if you’re still waiting for merchandise or rebates from the original company, though.

Orders prior to 2/15/2009
As you may be aware, Linens N’ Things and its related affiliates (“LNT”) filed for bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on May 2, 2008. On February 15, 2009, LNT Acquisition, LLC, the owner and operator of this website, purchased certain assets of LNT, including the brand name and the website. If your order was made prior to February 15, 2009 the new LNT cannot help you with locating your goods or rebates. We understand your frustrations and recommend you open a dispute with your credit card company.

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Linens N’ Things intellectual property goes for $1M
[Dealscape] (Thanks, Ruth!)

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