What The Hell? Why Are There CompUSA Stores?

Wired is reporting that there are about 30 CompUSA stores — run by the folks behind TigerDirect. CompUSA cannot be killed! It will rise again!

The new CompUSA is apparently quite different. For instance, if you want to use their computers to research your purchases on the internet, you can. There are no restrictions, and the price on CompUSA’s website is the same price you’ll see in the store.

We have invented this idea of retail 2.0,” says Gilbert Fiorentino, chief executive of the Technology Products Group at Systemax, now parent company of CompUSA told Wired. “Every screen in every CompUSA store is now connected to the internet and making buying a richer experience for customers,” he says.

By “internet” he means the same internet that you use at home. The one that displays competitor prices! Oh noes!

Fiorentino didn’t seem too concerned about the world ending if people saw that another store had a lower price.

“We are using tech to change the retail experience for the customer and giving them access to all the information on the internet anytime they want during the buying process.”

Anyway, if the new CompUSA is anything like the TigerDirect store I visited in the Chicago burbs, it will be an improvement. They helped me pick out some headphones and the cashier told me my glasses were cute. I think he actually meant it.

CompUSA Comes Back From the Dead [Wired] (Thanks, Justin!)