Get Informed About Credit Card Reform

As we prepare to talk credit card reform with the Obama folks, we want to make sure you’re all able to follow along at home. Inside, we present a cornucopia of fact sheets, charts, and links about the fight for credit card reform.

We’ve been writing about this a fair amount in the last few months, and a recent post summarizes some of the points of contention between the House and Senate, Democrats and Republicans, and consumers and credit card companies. We’ve also been defining some of the phrases that are being thrown around, like double-cycle billing and universal default.

With the increase in activity in the Senate comes fact sheets and talking points from congressional and committee offices. Here is a summary (PDF) of the Senate bill. We also have some comparison charts and other fact sheets were working on that we’ll get up soon.

There’s also the Consumers Union site Defend Your Dollars, which is writing about the reform process.

We’ll be posting more throughout the week; in the meantime, send us your questions!
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