Don't Like What Comcast Tells You? Just Call Back

If you’ve followed Consumerist for more than a few days you’ve probably heard that 2009 Worst Company in America quarterfinalist Comcast has been known to engage in some, ahem, sketchy customer service practices.

The good news is persistence on your end can cancel out incompetence on theirs.

I get my cable and Internet through Comcast, and called Saturday to see if they’d lower my bill if I threatened to cancel. The first rep I talked to said there was nothing he could do for me because I’d just finished a term on a promotional rate, and company policy dictates customers can only get special discounts every three months.

On a follow-up call immediately after, a different guy told me he’d cut my bill by $40 a month for six months.

No escalations, no supervisors, no new spiel from my end. Just two different dudes with two different answers. Either the first guy was a liar or Comcast has authorized its servicefolk to generate responses via Magic 8 Ball.

It sort of makes me wonder what would have happened had I let it ride and placed a third call. Maybe $60 off a month for a year and a free glow-in-the-dark frisbee?

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(Photo: O Pish Posh)