Comcast Giveth (Fees); Comcast Taketh Away (Fees)

Graham’s roommate is moving out. The cable and Internet are in his name, so they called up Comcast to change the name on the account. Simple enough, right? Surprisingly, it was. Until they wanted to know why there was a $10 fee to change the name on the account.

When [my roommate] called Comcast this week, they said there would be a $10 fee to change names. I apparently can only avoid this fee if he were to die. When he pressed the Comcast person on the phone, they told him that it was another department which is why they had the fee. I mean, it can’t be more than 45 seconds of keystrokes to change my number and name from his.

They ended up giving us a credit of $10, which means we’re paying them and then they’re paying us. I’m sure this makes perfect sense on some planet, but not this one. I’d love to know how they justify this fee.

Maybe it’s to keep people from switching the names on their account every month. People are just crazy enough to do stuff like that.

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(Photo: mojojornjorn)