"Box Of Rocks" Scam Caught On Walmart Security Camera

Here’s another “I bought a box of rocks!” story, only this time there’s proof that the victim wasn’t pulling a dirty trick on Walmart. Instead, it was someone before her who bought and then returned a Nintendo DS, only they swapped out the unit with rocks before making the return.

According to Orlando’s Local6.com,

Wal-Mart told Wylke to take her problem to Nintendo, but Nintendo claimed it was Wal-Mart’s responsibility.

After going back and forth, a Tampa TV station got involved and Wal-Mart went through its security tape. Footage showed another customer returning the rocks, which had been disguised as the gaming system.

There’s a news clip, but unfortunately it doesn’t include any of the security footage.

In this case, the customer was lucky that a TV station got involved. To protect yourself with big-ticket items from big box retailers, open the product in the store in front of the cashier. Yeah, we know, it sounds tedious, but it’s the only way to guarantee that you won’t be blamed for any missing items.

“Wal-Mart Sells Woman $138 Box Of Rocks” [ClickOrlando] (Thanks to Adrian!)

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