Nintendo Doesn’t Think Switch Devices With Dead Pixels Are Defective

If you spend $300 on a new gaming device, you’d hope that it wouldn’t come out of the box with dead pixels that will remain a constant visual annoyance for the lifespan of the device. You’d probably call such a product “defective,” but the folks at Nintendo would disagree.. [More]

(Mike Mozart)

AT&T Offers Switchers [Up To] $650, Two-For-One Phone Deal

Now that mobile carriers have switched from subsidizing handsets to making us buy them our own darn selves, their inducement for customers to switch is now offering to pay off what you owe to our old carrier. That could be early termination fees, or your balance from buying a device on installments: doesn’t matter. T-Mobile started the trend, and now AT&T is increasing their incentive. [More]

(Morton Fox)

Next Up For McDonald’s Revamped Menu: McMuffins, Biscuits & Bagels With Real Butter

A month after McDonald’s officially beefed up its Quarter Pounder, the fast food giant is poised to make over a few other staples: the English muffin, bagel and biscuit, adding real butter to the ingredient list. [More]

"Box Of Rocks" Scam Caught On Walmart Security Camera

"Box Of Rocks" Scam Caught On Walmart Security Camera

Here’s another “I bought a box of rocks!” story, only this time there’s proof that the victim wasn’t pulling a dirty trick on Walmart. Instead, it was someone before her who bought and then returned a Nintendo DS, only they swapped out the unit with rocks before making the return.

"New" Phone Bought Off EBay Turns Out To Be Used, Porny

"New" Phone Bought Off EBay Turns Out To Be Used, Porny

Lillian bought what she thought was a new phone from an eBay seller with a lot of great feedback. The longer she has it, though, the more evidence she finds that it’s probably not new. Sometimes buying electronics off of eBay is like slowly peeling an onion.

iPhone is Cingular: How Do I Switch?

Steve Job’s keynote speech at Macworld has sent a flood of questions to our tipline asking for help switching to Cingular, the only carrier with the much-anticipated iPhone. The iPhone will ship in June, so you have several months to get ready for the switch, if that’s what you’re determined to do. Your immediate goal should be to get yourself on a month-to-month contract.