Customer Buys $150 Crafting Machine From Walmart; Receives Box Of Potatoes

Image courtesy of WREG

Crafters and scrapbookers across the country are likely familiar with the Cricut, a device that cuts paper into just about any pattern you desire. They probably also know what a potato is, and that the two items aren’t interchangeable. Except, apparently, at Walmart. 

WREG TV reports that when a Tennessee woman opened a gift — purchased at the big box store — over the weekend she expected to find the Cricut described on the packaging, but instead she got 10 potatoes.

“When I opened the box, it was full of sprouting potatoes,” the woman recalls. “My dad is very upset, it’s not what he purchased for $150.”

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The woman and her husband returned to the store the following day, where the retailer provided her with a full refund, noting that someone likely returned the box to get money back, but kept the product.

“Lesson learned, always check the box before you leave the store,” she said.

In a statement to WREG, Walmart apologized for the inconvenience, adding that it wants “customers to be satisfied with products they purchase at our stores. If for any reason they are not, we will exchange or refund the item.”

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