KFC's Grilled Chicken Giveaway Used Very Small Chickens

We sort of figured today’s grilled chicken giveaway at participating KFC’s would be approximately meal-sized—if you could stand the crowd and make it to the counter before they ran out, you’d have a free lunch in your belly. Apparently we were wrong. Here, for your freebie-craving pleasure, is a virtual KFC chicken piece just like what reader BlazerUnit received earlier today.

Here was BlazerUnit’s experience. And please note, BlazerUnit isn’t really complaining, he just thought it was funny. If you’re gonna go on a tirade against anyone, aim it at me for the paragraph above or the captioning in the photos, kthx.

I called my hometown KFC (Monroeville, AL) this morning first to ask if they were giving free samples of their new grilled chicken, and the employee that answered confirmed that they were. I walked to their store and asked for one free sample, an order that was uneventfully filled. I knew from rattling the box my sample wasn’t very big, but hey, it was free.

For what it’s worth, the small wing I ate was pretty tasty. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that on their counter on the register side, there was sort of a primer for possible questions customers might have about the chicken. One of the questions they wanted to prepare inquiring buyers was ‘Is this chicken healthier for me’ or something to that effect. The standard KFC reply to this was “It’s better nutritionally compared to our fried chicken”. Heh heh. They really want to work that good-for-you angle, don’t they?

Oh well, at least it was tasty.

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