No, You Should Not Sell Your Five-Month-Old To Raise Money For A New Apartment

19-year-old West Virginian Rebecca Sue Taylor is facing felony charges after trying to sell her five-month-old son for $10,000 to raise money for a new apartment. Taylor was in talks to act as a surrogate mother for Leigh Burr, but then realized she could skip a few steps and still turn a buck. When it looked like negotiations weren’t going well, Taylor, who claimed she had been “unable to bond with the infant,” dropped the price of her son to $5,000.

Charleston Police Sgt. E. L. Hodges said Burr reported the offer to police on Sunday. Taylor was arrested Wednesday.

Hodges said the child is in state custody. He said he did not know anything about the baby’s father.

Hodges said the two women were acquaintances, but he did not know the extent of their relationship. He also said he did not know anything about Taylor’s financial situation or whether she was employed.

Burr does not have a published phone number and could not be reached for comment Friday.

Hodges said he’s heard of similar cases across the country, but said such crimes are rare in West Virginia.

“We’ve been lucky,” he said.

Taylor now faces felony charges since it’s illegal to sell children. Trying carries a $2,000 fine, and if Taylor’s lucky, she’ll end up in a state-funded apartment for five years, complete with a snazzy orange outfit and a new set of bracelets.

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