Disney Credit Union Sends Debit Card That Is Already Expired

Poor Ruben just wants his Disney Credit Union card to work, but there appears to be no hope — unless he can stand to listen to an hour of the Main Street Electrical Parade Theme while on hold. If you’re not familiar with this particular composition, let us assure you that it is the kind of music used in interrogations to extract confessions.

Ruben says:

I received noticed from the CU that there was a breach of security and that my card would be replaced. I received a replacement card and, while trying to use it, noticed my pin number was not working. I do not live near a Disney Partners branch but happened to be in Orlando on vacation during the time. The CU is bizarre in that the tellers have been replaced by video screens. Not sure if they are operating from another location. But, liking to deal with humans directly, I stopped by the info desk.

After a couple of tries, the rep got the card working. Flash foward to this week. I’m meeting a friend for drinks and attempt to use the card. Not working. I finally get the message that the card is expired. Confused, I looked at the card.

Valid from 03/09 until…03/09. It was April. I called the CU, and a rep apologized and said they had accidentally done this to several customers. My first thought was, well, why the hell didn’t you let us know? The representative then proceeded to put me on hold…for 45 minutes! Worse yet, at no point during a 20 to 25 minute period did the rep come back and say he was still working on it. I was literally left to listen to over 35 minutes of Disney hold music. And no, not a mix of Disney music.


My phone finally died from a power drain.

Never received a call back. No notice. Nothing.

The 3/9 to 3/9 debit card was a nice touch. This has got to be a breach of the Geneva Conventions, right?