Disney Ordered To Rehire Workers Who Refused To Wear “Contaminated” Costumes

Three performers fired from Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando last June after they refused to wear costumes dubbed “contaminated” by other sweaty garments will be given their old jobs back and get back pay.

A federal arbitrator ruled that the employees were in the right, and that Disney had violated a collective bargaining agreement by firing them, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

The employees said the unitards they had to wear for the Festival of the Lion King show had been tainted by other sweaty garments that had been pushed up against their clean clothes. When they refused to put the outfits on, one of the shows had to be canceled and they were fired shortly after.

That violated Disney’s contract, the local Teamsters union representing the workers argued, by giving them unsanitary clothing.

“I’m really, really happy that everything ended up working out in the end,” said one of the performers, who will go back to the show. “This is just awesome news.”

A Disney spokesman said the company will comply with the ruling.

Disney workers fired over sweaty costumes win their jobs back [Orlando Sentinel]

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