Shopper Arrested For Saying "The F Word" At Walmart

Well, here’s a truly weird story, disorderly conduct charges have been dropped against a Texas woman who dropped an f-bomb at her local Walmart.

According to the Galveston County Daily News the woman was shopping for batteries in preparation for Tropical Storm Edouard when she said aloud:

“They don’t have any fucking more.”

This, apparently, was enough to get her handcuffed and written a citation by an assistant fire marshal who was near enough to overhear her. Dwight Shrute? Is that you?

The judge dropped the charges Wednesday due to insufficient evidence.

“I wasn’t verbally attacking anyone,” the f-bomb dropper told the local newspaper. “I didn’t start to flip out until he acted like he was going to arrest me for something I said in casual conversation between two adults.”

F-bomb charge dropped [Galveston Daily News]

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