What Is Wrong With Quiznos?

Seriously, what’s up with them? Their new ad features an oven that begs a Quiznos employee to “put it in me, Scott,” as the camera pans over what it calls a Toasty Torpedo. There’s also a subliminal flash of a periscope jutting up from the flames at one point, as our eagle-eyed reader Bbender pointed out.

We know commercials have to be edgy and all to get noticed these days, but this one just sort of falls off the edge into Makes No Sense land—unless some consultant figured out that equating toasted sandwiches with Scott bangin’ the oven somehow increases sales.

Update: Here’s the Schick Quattro commercial for ladyparts that someone mentions in the comments below, courtesy of Mark.

Update 2: Laura pointed us to this blog, where a guy estimates that the $4 toasty torpedo is approximately 75% smaller than the $5 Subway sandwich it’s intended to compete against. We hope Quizno’s next ad for the toasty torpedo argues that size doesn’t matter—it’s how good it tastes.

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