JC Penney Emails You To Let You Know They Won't Email You

Reader psionix bought some PJ’s from JC Penney for his wife and, upon checkout, chose not to receive any emails from JC Penney. The retailer then emailed him to let him know that they won’t be emailing him, and asked him to fill out a survey on why he didn’t want to receive any emails from them. Here’s what they sent:

While registering as a shopper with jcpenney.com, you chose not to receive our promotional Email. This is being sent to confirm that [redacted] will not receive Email from jcpenney.com. The decision to receive Email is personal and can be influenced for a variety of reasons. In an attempt to better understand and respond to our customers, we would appreciate it if you would answer a short survey on this topic. To participate in the survey, click here. Your responses, and your email address, will remain private and will help us to continue to build a better shopping experience for you, and a stronger relationship with our customers. jcpenney.com has always believed in using only permission-based Email marketing. If, in the future, you decide that you would like to begin receiving our promotional Email you can subscribe at jcpenney.com. Thank you for your participation, and thank you for shopping with us.

Guess what? When we say, don’t email us, don’t email us. It’s really quite simple.

(Photo: scaredofbabies)

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