I Canceled Comcast Now The Phone Won't Stop Ringing

Reader Evan canceled Comcast — which seems to have lead to a barrage of annoying phone calls that simply will not stop. A little Googling turned up others with the same problem…

Evan says:

Recently, I was forced to cancel my Comcast service (I am moving and our new building has an exclusive deal with another service provider). “Forced” here is a loose term, as I would have gladly told Comcast where to stick their shoddy service had I had an alternative at my old address. But I digress. The cancellation went smoothly, as I explained I was canceling due to a move (I didn’t feel like giving the strangely friendly customer service agent my diatribe about why I hate them).

But within a few hours, I received a phone call from a number I didn’t recognize. I figured if it was important, they would leave a message. They didn’t, so I shrugged it off and continued with my day. Well, a few hours later, the same number calls. Curious, I picked up. Nothing. This was odd to say the least, so I Googled the phone number. Sure enough, 630-288-1777 was listed as a Comcast number. Upon digging, I found stories of other people who had recently canceled their Comcast service and were being constantly called by this number. No one had any solutions.

Well, that was earlier this week. Since then, I have received phone calls from that same number daily every few hours.

This seems like customer abuse, but I’m sure calling their customer service center will result in them denying ownership of the number. So what can I do? Can they really get away with harassment like this?

Companies that had a business relationship with you are allowed to call you for several months after you terminate the relationship—- unless you tell them not to. Since there’s no one on the line when they call, why not try calling Comcast’s customer service number? Ask them to place you on their do not call list.

Once you’ve done this, the calls should stop. If they don’t, they’re probably in violation. Click here to file a complaint.

You can also report them to your state’s attorney general.


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