Pennsylvania Training Its State Liquor Store Employees To Be Nicer

If you buy your devil juice from Pennsylvania, you might notice a difference in the way you’re treated starting later this month. Pennsylvania is spending $173,000 to train employees of its state-owned liquor and wine stores to be more polite, reports “The board wants to make sure clerks are saying ‘hello,’ ‘thank you’ and ‘come again’ to customers coming in for wine and liquor.”

The chairman of the state liquor board defends the decision, pointing out, “the reality is that, in stores around the country, customer service is inconsistent and uneven.” We won’t argue with that. We do think, however, you could solve any rudeness problem faster by setting out a cheap bottle of vodka next to each register along with a sign that says, “If our Associate doesn’t greet you with a smile, take a free shot!”

“Pa. liquor board tries to improve worker manners” [ via 9-to-Fried]
(Photo: swearinglibrarian)

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