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UPDATE: Court Overturns Judge’s Order Barring Uber & Lyft In Philadelphia

This week, a Common Pleas court judge in Philadelphia issued an order barring ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber’s UberX from operating in the city. This afternoon, an appeals court has overturned that order, allowing these companies to offer rides in Philly (which they hadn’t stopped doing anyway). [More]


Pennsylvania Finally Putting An End To Weird Wine Laws

After nearly a century of having some of the strangest restrictions on the sale of beer, wine, and booze in the country, Pennsylvania’s rules on alcohol sales are about to get slightly less byzantine. [More]

It'll Cost You $300 To Blog In Philadelphia

It'll Cost You $300 To Blog In Philadelphia

I grew up in the Philadelphia area and I can’t remember a time when the city wasn’t described as “cash-strapped” by the local media. But I’d never imagine Philly’s financial follies would be so dire that it would begin requiring business licenses for businesses that don’t really exist. [More]