Why The Quiznos Free Sandwich Promo Burnt Some Customers

According to tipster Rich Piotrowski, a former Quiznos franchise owner who won a counter-suit against the company, the big reason why some Quiznos were being jerks about taking the free sandwich coupon is that at first corporate was making the franchises pay for all the sandwiches. (Quiznos mandates franchises buy all their ingredients from HQ, often at above-market rates…). Then it looks like they decided to reimburse up to 400 coupons, then bumped that up to 700 to meet the demand, and now they’re going to reimburse all coupons. Don’t give away free stuff in these times unless you’re ready for an onslaught of interest, at the outset. Corporate seems to have realized this and contacted us to say that if you have any problems redeeming coupons you can email millionsubs@quiznos.com. Tipster’s comment, and an internal Quiznos memo, inside…

Rich Piotrowski writes:

The reason so many Franchisees are not honoring this coupon is that the company delayed this promo TWICE, as many of the Franchisees said they would not go along unless Quiznos Corporate (which makes about a hundred million a year selling food to its franchisees, and prohibits them from buying food from anyone else) paid for the food in this promotion. Late last week, Quiznos decided to roll it out anyhow saying no, franchisees would have to pay the entire cost. Every other system (such as Denny’s Arby’s etc) the cost of the promo was shared by both parties. In addition, most of those system sell food at cost to Franchisees. Like those other systems, Quiznos makes money by collecting a 7% royalty and 4% from franchisees which they say is for advertising. Unlike those other system however, on top of those fees, Quiznos makes that hundred million IN ADDITION by selling food to them. And you wonder why Franchisees are not honoring the coupon?

Internal memo:
We also received the original instruction memo sent out to franchises on Feb 20. It makes no mention of how many coupons Quiznos will pay for.

Message to us from Quiznos:

The response to the Quiznos Millions Subs Giveaway has been nothing short of overwhelming. That’s great, right? Right… but given that we have had over a million consumers respond in only three days, there are a handful of people who have reported some problem redeeming their free sandwich. If you’re one of them, please let us know right away by emailing millionsubs@quiznos.com. We’re working hard to address every issue very quickly.

When asked about Rich’s comments, Quiznos responded:

In this current economic environment, Quiznos is continually working to develop new products that offer great food at a great value for its guests, while still helping its franchisees control costs. America’s response to our offer to get a high quality great tasting Quiznos sub for free has been nothing short of overwhelming. In light of this, Quiznos is reimbursing it’s franchisees for the cost of all of the free subs.

Troubles With Redeeming Quiznos Free Sandwich Coupons
Free Quiznos Subs
(Photo: Ben Popken)


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  1. noone1569 says:

    Good call Quiznos, but I think you should reimburse all coupons . . .

    • Corporate_guy says:

      @noone1569: You’d think it would come out of the corporate advertising budget.

    • Michael Wilson says:

      @noone1569: Ironically, they did this earlier this year too (or its the same thing). I got a ticket book from a high school saying this buy a sandwich, chips, and drink, and get a 12′ free. I go in to cash, they make everything, and as Im paying I give them the coupon and they say they dont accept it. As I didnt need the drink or chips, I cancelled the order and just got the subs. They threw away the sub they made and ended up losing money – and my business. That one store (in St. Albert South End, Alberta) has gone downhill this last year with 3 different managers and staff.

      Does toasted really taste better anyway?

      • sn1per420 says:

        @Michael Wilson:

        Does toasted really taste better anyway?

        Yes, it does taste better, but Quiznos seems to think that their method of toasting imparts better flavor to the sandwiches than Subway’s toasting method. Don’t believe this for a second. Subway’s sandwiches are cheaper, and tastier. (though I’m probably saying that due to the fact that Subway has better vegetarian options, so it’s quite possible that people disagree with my opinion)

        • jc364 says:

          @sn1per420: Subway’s sandwiches are cheaper and tastier? I don’t know what Subway you have been to, but I’m always appalled at the lack of quality from Subway. And that goes for their service as well as their food. Quizno’s subs are superior by far.

  2. Pylon83 says:

    Quiznos in DC on F Street near Union Station gladly accepted mine today, though they are hard-core about checking the IDs.

    • Raiders757 says:


      Since I had two e-mail accounts, I took advantage and got two.

      The first place had no problem with it and didn’t even check my ID.

      The second place tried to deny the guy in front of me, saying they don’t accept printed coupons. Both of us pointed out that it was the only way to get them, and they honored them. They did check ID though.

    • calquist says:

      @Pylon83: I’m using mine tomorrow. Armed with this info I feel invincible when it comes to getting my free sub!

  3. myfakename says:

    “handful of people who have reported some problem redeeming their free sandwich”

    Methinks its more than a handful.

  4. mac-phisto says:

    am i reading this right? they’re reimbursing the stores $1.33 for each coupon?

    wow. jerks.

    • youbastid says:

      @mac-phisto: They’re reimbursing them at cost, not retail.

    • Corporate_guy says:

      @mac-phisto: Math error.

      $525 total reimbursement / 700 coupons = 75 cents.

      So even if the stores find 75 cents acceptable and take the coupons, it would seem they are supposed to stop taking them after 700 coupons are redeemed per store. So the policy is first 700 people per store with a coupon get a free sub. They should probably change their promotion to reflect that.

      If they do as Quiznos says and they don’t turn down any coupons, then they could end up accepting more than 700 and their reimbursement amount per coupon will be less than 75 cents.

    • regenerator says:

      @mac-phisto: No, you’re not reading it right. They’re reimbursing the stores $.75 per coupon ($525.00 / 700 coupons = $.75/coupon). Sounds crappy to me; I know there’s a high markup in restaurants, but the ingredients must cost more than that…

      • Sparerib says:

        @SarahC83: The average cost of food including waste at my store was about 30%. So, on a $7 sub the ingredients and waste come to about $2.10 so forth and so on. Their reimbursement is just about as patronizing as it gets.

      • I_am_Awesome says:

        I worked at a Subway in college, and for a project I did for class my manager gave me access to the store’s ingredient costs. I found that when following Subway’s prescribed formula for each sandwich, most cost less than $1 to make. Deviating from the formula is only allowed with vegetables and dressing, and those accounted for only a small portion of the sandwich cost (honestly, 4 black olive slices on a 6″ sandwich?).

        When I saw $.75 I assumed that the franchisees were expected to split the cost of the promotion 50/50 with corporate.

        • I_am_Awesome says:

          To add – my numbers were for a 12″ sandwich IIRC. Obviously a 6″ would cost half as much. I don’t know what size sandwich the quiznos promo was good for.

        • wgrune says:


          As a former Subway employee I can tell you that the reason there are only supposed to be 4 black olives on a 6″ is not because of the cost (they are relatively cheap) but because of the fat content of said olives.

          • trujunglist says:


            and because black olives are kinda gross and especially gross in large numbers of dirt tasting grossness

            (I don’t like olives very much)

      • RedwoodFlyer says:

        @SarahC83: Especially when you have to buy your toppings, condiments, and pre-made bread at an inflated price from corporate…

        • ceriphim says:

          @ComcastRedwoodFlyer: I’m gonna go out on a limb and bet that somewhere in that lengthy contract they make franchisees sign, it clearly states they are required to purchase their food exclusively from Quizno’s corporate.

          Sorry, but I have a hard time feeling sympathetic for people who signed a contract and dislike being held to it. Tough shit, open an Arby’s instead…

    • wallspray says:

      @mac-phisto: no you’re just bad at math, it’s 75 cents each

  5. corinthos says:

    Mine didn’t get accepted. There was no notes anywhere on the doors and I was told at checkout it was 2 dollars off. I just left. They should reimburse all of them. I almost feel bad even trying to use coupons at local Quiznos becuase I’ve read of their business practices before. Thought maybe it would’ve been different for this promo though. Anyways I just don’t think I’ll ever go to Quiznos again until corporate changes how they do things.

    • HogwartsAlum says:


      Me either. I haven’t been in a while, and honestly haven’t missed it. Until this thread, I really didn’t know how badly the company treated its franchisees.

      No more Quiznos for me.

      • Boulderite says:


        I agree. I’ve been reading more and more about their business practices and how they treat franchise owners. No more Quizno’s in this household!

  6. Blueskylaw says:

    If the total reimbursement now available for 700 coupons is $525, then each sandwich costs 75 cents.

    Not a bad profit.

    • Corporate_guy says:

      @Blueskylaw: Odds are that is not the full amount. Probably 50% or less. And a restaurant is not free. Utility bills and labor are probably not factored in to this.

  7. justrick says:

    Man, have I heard some horror stories about Quiznos franchises. In fact, there’s a This American Life episode about them that must be heard to be believed.

    • deep.thought says:

      @justrick: Yeah, and it’s too bad because they have some good sandwiches.

    • Jaynor says:

      @justrick: I listened to that one… but I thought it was a Subway.

      The owners just kind of walked out and the cashier kept the store going on store-bought meat and stuff paying cash right out of the drawer.

      • SybilDisobedience says:

        @Jaynor: I remember that story. I thought it was a Subway too, but I may be remembering it wrong.

        Something similar happened near where my boyfriend works. That was a Quiznos franchise – the owners just walked out, never to return, leaving baffled employees and spoiling food. Someone else eventually took over the franchise, but I wonder at what cost.

        • MMD says:

          @SybilDisobedience: I remember that story, and it was definitely a Quiznos. The store was basically abandoned by its owner, leaving employees behind to try to run things, replenish supplies, etc. Corporate was informed, but they pretty much ignored the employees until the story started to get some press.

  8. Its_Miller_Time says:

    Well I printed off a copy of the memo on here and am going to take it to my Quizno’s that denied me yesterday for dinner…

    We’ll see how they play this time…

  9. Cat_In_A_Hat says:

    I was able to use mine today after being turned away yesterday due to the store reaching it’s 50 per day sandwhich quota. I also bought chips out of guilt.

    • Raekwon says:

      @Cat_In_A_Hat: Haha I bought a Sammie because I figured they were being screwed and I always wondered what the Sammies were. For those wondering Sammie = overpriced crap :-P

  10. MBEmom says:

    I personally don’t like Quiznos so I didn’t try a coupon but I am not surprised many were refused. These aren’t special magic sandwiches that the sandwich fairy makes from dewdrops and smiles. Someone has to pay for it and I can see why the franchise owners wouldn’t want to take that hit, especially if they feel they are already being screwed by corporate.

    I love the snarky comment about not denying the coupons as it hurts all Quiznos stores and the brand as a whole. If they were worried about that, they should have thought about it before forcing this coupon on the franchises. Maybe next time they do this, corporate will support the coupons upfront and avoid this type of PR nightmare.

  11. Corporate_guy says:

    Subway should come to the rescue and put out an ad saying they will accept quiznos coupons for a free six inch. That would really put a nail in the coffin.

    • AI says:

      @Corporate_guy: Right up until the customers actually tasted the Subway sub. Taste wise Subway can’t really compete with Quiznos in the same way dog shit can’t really compete with fillet Mignon. Of course that’s just my opinion.

      • johnva says:

        @AirIntake: Not just yours. Subway in general sucks compared to Quiznos, or at least compared to the better-run Quizno’s franchises (I’ve found they vary a good bit on how fresh things are, etc).

        • jimconsumer says:

          @johnva: Agreed. Subway sucks. I won’t eat there. Besides the taste, they have a terrible record with food health folks… Apparently keeping the meats cold is a real problem for them.

      • Southern says:

        @AirIntake: I usually prefer Subway to Quizno’s, mainly because I’m not wild about toasted sandwiches in the first place (but IMO their bread tastes HORRIBLE without being toasted). I usually go to Quizno’s 4-5 times a month for lunch though, since there’s right across the street from my work, and the nearest subway is around 8 blocks away.

        As far as the 700 coupons per store goes, If you break up 1,000,000 subs by 700 coupons per store, that means that in order to honor ALL coupons, there would have to be 1,429 stores taking the coupons in order to get maximum compensation ($764,285.71). Does Quizno’s even HAVE that many stores, let alone that many taking the coupons?

        However, after reading that memo, and getting the general attitude that Quizno’s corporate has for its franchisees, I can’t help but feel sorry for anyone that enters into that franchise. I will no longer be supporting them, even though I’m aware that this will only hurt the franchisee, not corporate. Not many other options, though.

      • KyleOrton says:

        @AirIntake: Dude. Neither is close to filet mignon. I think you’d be better with “Taste wise Subway can’t really compete with Quiznos in the same way old, generic canned ravioli can’t really compete with a new can of Chef Boyardee.”

      • Blaaaah says:

        @AirIntake: Not that big of a difference taste-wise between the two.

    • GuJiaXian says:

      @Corporate_guy: That’s a really good idea, actually.

    • nataku8_e30 says:

      @Corporate_guy: I agree, it would probably be relatively cheap marketing for subway

      @AirIntake: Uhh, Subway’s subs taste a lot better than the meat bread and cheese lumped into a sorry excuse for a sandwich that Quiznos will sell you…

      • johnva says:

        @nataku83: The Subways near me are disgustingly filthy and always use nasty, non-fresh meat and veggies. I have been to some decent Subway locations before, but I think that both Quiznos and Subways seem to vary a lot in quality from franchise to franchise.

        • Daniel Popescu says:

          @johnva: Id say the quality varies alot from day to day even at a single franchise. IMO, subway kills quiznos, hands down.. Then again, i’m more the kind of healthy turkey sandwich kinda guy vs the crazy mile high meat gauntlet sandwiches that both places carry. Maybe quiznos might be better for those gauntlet type sandwiches, but, again, IMO, subway kills it for the more standard sandwiches.

          • trujunglist says:

            @Daniel Popescu:

            The subway near my work always has very fresh looking and tasting ingredients. It’s probably because they’re constantly busy, so the turnover keeps the meats and veggies constantly coming out of the fridge instead of sitting in their own juices for the occasional customer.
            Others I have been to that obviously did not have anywhere near the same turnover looked filthy and inedible.

    • HeartBurnKid, creepy morbid freak says:

      @Corporate_guy: In my experience, Subway won’t even honor their own promotions that they post in their own f’n windows.

      • SybilDisobedience says:

        @HeartBurnKid, creepy morbid freak: I’m biased against Subway because in high school, several of my stoner friends worked at the one near me, and I KNEW what kind of shenanigans went on in that place behind closed doors. Now, I know that shouldn’t reflect on the whole company, but…*shudder*

  12. INsano says:

    In a franchise organization, one would think there would need to be superb levels of communications to essentially manage tens of thousands of businesses at the same time(through your proxy licensee). And yet…the franchises didn’t know about it, had never heard about the promotion, some accepted it, some refused it. Is it really that hard, if you’re omnipotent central office, to send out an “Oh by the way you’re going to have 3,000 extra people coming to your store this week” email?

    If corporate is concerned about their brand, maybe they should get everyone on the same page before they launch to avoid such possibly damaging PR fiascos?

    Systemic: FAIL

  13. glennski says:


    It doesn’t mean that corporate wants them to be counting coupons received and stop exactly at 700. In the memo, Quizno’s said that this was a low cost initiative that will have rewards in the future. The tone of the email reads that franchises should be happy for the reimbursementthey are getting. They will be raking in the dough for all those return customers who loved their free sub so much they will now pay 5-7 dollars, right????

  14. GR00316 says:

    Not going to quiznos until quiznos sends a letter to the Consumerist saying that they are reimbursing franchises for actual cost of the sub’s ingredients. Stores can foot the bill of the labor cause they are going to be there anyway. But I don’t think 75 cents in the cost (maybe it is) but also they should reimburse however many the store gets in. No way should this be the franchises responsibility.

    I’m boycotting Quiznos especially considering their large turkey sandwich, which you think would be healthy, is 100% of the salt you need in a day in one sandwich. Geez….

  15. digitalbuilt says:

    This tells me that:
    700 sandwiches = $525, it costs less than $1 each in ingredients.
    any devious franchise simply has to sit there and print out 700 coupon him/herself and collect their $525, no need to make a sandwich.

  16. edjusted says:

    Corporate vs. franchise. Not my problem.

    All I know is I went out of my way to go to two different Quiznos on two different days and was rejected at both. The first store at least had a sign. The second store refused me *after* I waited in line for 10 mins (they had no sign). I’ve thrown away my coupon. Wanna guess if I’m going to a Quizno’s any time soon?

  17. indydrew says:

    What a mess, the Q should have learned from Denny’s. Regardless what you you think of Denny’s they pulled off their free grand slam promo flawlessly. The super bowl as, the rain checks for guests who did not want to wait, they gave all the food to the stores for free, just flawless execution. Now Denny’s is reaping the benefits of a promotion done right, sales are way up at Denny’s since the super Tuesday promotion. Quiznos and every other restaurant should take a page from Denny’s and learn to do this the right way.

    • Outrun1986 says:

      @indydrew: Yeah, they did do a really good job with this. I didn’t hear of anyone who was denied the food. Those that didn’t get their food were given rainchecks, it just worked perfectly. Since they did it right now sales are up.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Quizno’s used to be a good place to get a sub, about 5-10 years ago. When the franchise was new to my area in the late 90’s, the sandwiches were large and reasonably priced. At first I loved going there; a large Italian was roughly about $6-$7. I’ve noticed over the years that the bread has shrunk (wdth-wise) and is lighter, the portions are much smaller and the topping/condiment amounts reduced. Now a large sub runs about $10-$13, depending on which one you buy and the $5 subs are a complete joke-there’s virtually nothing on them. I actually ate 2 whole large $5 subs at once and was hungry 3 hours later, whereas I was stuffed after eating one of the older large sandwiches. After that I just stopped going there altogether.

    • omicronpersei8 says:

      @CaseyEpimetheus: right, see my comment below. I was floored when I got to the cash register and the lady said $9.20. Give me a 5 dollar footlong anyday (actually they’re 4 dollars in my area now).

  19. Outrun1986 says:

    I don’t think I will support Quiznos either, they are essentially screwing their franchise owners. Their subs also have loads of fat and calories, while Subway makes an attempt to make healthy subs and is very successful with that depending on what you order of course.

    With Quiznos I cannot find anything that has a reasonable amount of fat and calories and when I do it comes down to just bread and chicken with nothing else on it. I have compared both menu’s nutritional information. With Subway you can have a decent sub with a low fat, low calorie and in some cases 0 calorie dressing. Quiznos likes to load their dressings up with hidden calories and fat, so you either have to eat a sub with no dressing at all, or just not go there.

    Customers don’t care about corporate vs. franchise, they just know that they didn’t get their free sub. In most cases the workers were extremely rude about it too, which was very uncalled for. Rude workers will not bring in customers. A simple I am sorry we are not honoring that coupon would have done it just fine. It will be interesting to see if Quiznos sales fall after this promotion.

    • omicronpersei8 says:

      @Outrun1986: “With Quiznos I cannot find anything that has a reasonable amount of fat and calories”

      What is this reasonable amount of fat and calories of which you speak?

  20. Phreggs says:

    Had no issue redeeming in Kaysville, Utah. Then again I also bought a large sub to go along with the free small one. Work friends also got the small subs no problem though.

    They didnt even bother to check ID if paying with credit card/debit card. Anyone that paid in cash they would card.

  21. omicronpersei8 says:

    Quizno’s has good sandwiches, but I can get better at local sub places. I always feel terrible walking out of Quizno’s after paying something like 10 bucks for a sub.

    • jimconsumer says:

      @omicronpersei8: Right, I used to eat Quiznos all the time when a large sub was less than $7, but last time I went and got one and paid $10 for one stupid sub (no chips or drink), I about died. That’s the last time I’ve been there.

  22. kwsventures says:

    I hear these franchise owners are trying to get Obama’s blackberry number to say they need a taxpayer funded, welfare bailout check.

  23. Farquar says:

    Quizno’s screws their franchisees to grease the corporate bottom line.. plain and simple. (more than the typical franchisor)

    This promotion was rolled out initially with franchisees recieving nothing from corporate for the sandwhiches they are giving away for free. Corporate sells the food to franchisees and make their money, and the franchisees have to give the food away. Corporate isn’t actually giving anything away. The whole system is set up so that corporate MAKES money on the free subs. (BTW .75 per sub is embarrassing, they cost more than that to make)

    Corporate offered, and later upped, the contribution only after the public has been made more aware of the way they are screwing their franchisees. At this point it’s just trying to limit the damage. As it becomes more widely known how franchisees are treated it becomes harder to get new franchisees, and that’s were the money is.

    Franchisees in Quiznos do not make money. There are more loan defaults among Quiznos franchisees than any other franchise. (Cold Stone has a ridiculous default rate too) Honestly, after reading all this I feel bad for my local quiznos owner, and I’m not at all upset that he wasn’t honoring the free sub coupons.

    • Outrun1986 says:

      @Farquar: We just had a Cold Stone close up here. They said they might be back in the summer because no one eats ice cream here in the winter (NY), but I doubt it.

  24. lowercase says:

    You know, bad corporate doesn’t excuse being rude to customers in the stores. After a friend relayed his story of being treated like a con man for bringing in a coupon in black & white (not a photocopy, just a black print), I haven’t bothered. There are plenty of acceptable subs I can pay a few bucks for without any hassle.

    • Farquar says:

      @lowercase: No, it doesn’t. But what you are seeing is the actions of a few people with bad service and people skills being transferred to all quizno’s franchisees.

      Of course the stories you hear on Consumerist are about the horrible treatment. People acting reasonably isn’t a good story. If someone acts like a dick you don’t go back to his store whether it’s a corporate problem or otherwise. The staff are jerks. Don’t go. But to transfer it to all Quizno’s franchisees is unfair.

      My quiznos owner is great. He isn’t accepting the coupons. I asked him about it, and he was very nice. He explained the situation, explained that just this past week corporate put $2 off coupons in the paper without telling anyone and he’s already accepted $2,000 in coupons that he is not reimbursed for. That’s $2,000 in a week that he is out. To do that then give away hundreds of subs for free and he wouldn’t be able to pay his staff. He wasn’t rude, wasn’t defensive. He was just matter of fact. I suspect that most franchisees are the same way.

      • floraposte says:

        @Farquar: To me, though, it would still reflect badly on the Quizno’s brand and make me uninclined to return to a Quizno’s–his or anyone else’s. While I don’t find it incomprehensible that a franchise owner would choose not to honor the coupons, I do think it’s bad service, even if the refusal is polite.

      • Southern says:

        @Farquar: He explained the situation, explained that just this past week corporate put $2 off coupons in the paper without telling anyone and he’s already accepted $2,000 in coupons that he is not reimbursed for. That’s $2,000 in a week that he is out.

        I’m not sure I believe that logic, as I’m sure many of those (1,000) customers would not have bought sandwiches at ALL without the $2 off coupon(s) — and in some cases I’m sure they bought more than 1 sandwich, or a drink & chips, etc.

        You can’t gauge how much “money you lost” by accepting coupons in this manner, as if there hadn’t been a coupon, the foot traffic into that particular store COULD have been 1,000 customers LESS for that time period.

  25. atomoverride says:

    day late and a free sub short. fuck you quiznos.

  26. Borax-Johnson says:

    They’ll claim it is a forged memo printed on a Subway wrapper and dmand that you pay a $2 cover charge to enter.

    No more Quiznos for me. What a scam and a crappy operation.

  27. PLATTWORX says:

    These embarassing battles have been going on between Quizno’s and it’s franchises for years. It makes the entire company look bad.

    I had two Quizno’s near my home. Both opened around the same time. Soon after, they both plastered big signs on their doors saying “WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY QUIZNO’S COUPONS”. Since you don’t see the franchises of McDonald’s, KFC, etc making public protests like this, it seemed very odd and unprofessional.

    Sure enough, within 6 months both of those Quizno’s closed. I am sure the public was annoyed as heck with not being able to redeem any offers there and simply ate elsewhere. There are certainly plenty of other options.

    IMHO, if Quizno is not compensating it’s franchises for promotions and other fast food chains do, DON’T BUY A QUIZNO’S FRANCHISE! You don’t open one and then punish the public by deciding what coupons you will and won’t honor.

    • jacques says:

      I seem to remember somewhere reading that subway was great at screwing over their franchisees as well, by not placing geographic limitations on where another franchise could open in proximity to an existing one. Can’t find anything on a quick search, but one doesn’t become the largest franchising company without someone getting screwed.

  28. nbs2 says:

    All these comments and nobody has explained why these franchisees were forced to buy Quiznos franchises. Sure, the first few get screwed by the corporate, but then word leaks out about how bad things are. It’s been long enough that the franchises that got screwed without notice are either gone or happy.

    At this point, if you don’t do your homework, it isn’t my problem if you paid a company to screw you over.

    • Rich Piotrowski says:


      Hey beating up victims is fun!! Let me try… No one made anyone walk onto 1 World Trade Center in downtown NYC at 8am on September 11, 2001 either. Perhaps you can say it was their fault, they should have known. I remember when that building was attacked in ’93. Shouldn’t those people in 2001 have known it would be attacked again? How could they be so foolish, shouldn’t they have done there homework? OK, that was too easy and unfair, as they were victims in the same way crime victims are. So how about we pick on other fraud victims? The big one in the news is Bernie Madoff. We can move on to beat up those victims. Surely those people should have done their homework!!??

      But seriously, as for scams like Madoff, let me tell you in many ways, a Quiznos owner is WORSE off then the Madoff victims. You both lose money but with Madoff, you only lose what you invested. With Quiznos, if you shut down they will sue you for liquidated damages, saying you harmed the brand by closing (the fact that you were losing money is not a valid excuse). In doing that they will go after your house or whatever they can get, just so this crook Schaden can buy another plane. If you speak out like I am, they will sue you claiming you hurt the brand.

      Now there is one way out, to kill yourself and believe it or, not 4 people have done just that. You have no idea what a scam this is.

  29. donjumpsuit says:

    Quiznos is foul food anyway.

    I can’t believe they would encourage non-customers to come in and realize how bad they really are.

  30. Ayanami says:

    “Quiznos mandates franchises buy all their ingredients from HQ, often at above-market rates”

    So this is why their subs are so damn expensive.

  31. taking_this_easy says:

    @Southern: Oh yeah, forgot those 2000% markup on sodas that stores sell…

    still… they lost money because corporate wants to screw with them.. i’d be angry too

  32. Levi Martin says:

    Quiznos sucks

    Subway is the best. Sweet Onion Teryaki is pure sex

  33. scootinger says:

    Although some Quiznos franchisees are a bit stingy with coupons (like these) I do somewhat sympathize with them because as some comments here say, Quiznos often screws its franchise owners pretty badly.

    Quiznos is pissing in the face of its franchise owners when it tells them not to deny coupons because it hurts “our” brand as a whole because of how poorly it treats them (such as this.) They need to give out reimbursement not based on a fixed number of coupons, but rather based on every coupon that’s received. You will probably see a lot more people using coupons at the Quiznos in the college town that I live in where you will have lots of students who want free food (where I didn’t have any problems with using the coupon BTW), than one in a downtown where time is worth more to most people than getting a free sub.

  34. Marshfield says:

    I have my coupon but have not redeemed it yet. It says “expires 2/28/2009”. Does that mean its still GOOD on 2/28?

    “Uh, this coupon expires today. I can’t honor it” – true on 2/28 or false?

  35. JackWindies says:

    Having ran a few restaurants 1.50 or so in food cost for a sub is reasonable most fast food places try to keep there food costs at sub 20%. Labor is expensive so is just keeping the store running. But still a 6.00 item at a fast food place was all the costs or taken in to account may have .50c profit in it so the franchise owners or still taking a $4.00 hit. Yes people cost money, cleaning up cost money, keeping all that food cold and running the lights cost money, hell the paper your sub came in probably costs .15c. not to mention the lease on store the franchise fees taxes and every thing else.

  36. smeyer0824 says:

    I had problems redeeming my coupon at my local quiznos and intend to bring the memo with me and get my free sub.

  37. Marshfield says:

    No joy for me in Bellevue Wa today. they had a sign that blamed customers and then blamed corporate. Bottom line is no free sub for me.

    Pic of the sign on my blog here:


  38. Marshfield says:

    I’d like to send an EECB to Quiznos. Do we have the email addresses available?

  39. Cardiff_Giant says:

    I got my free sub on Wednesday. I had to wait over 10 minutes for it, though, and there was barely anyone else in the store.

  40. Ching-Yao Yu says:

    Get a job.

  41. btdown says:

    Quiznos had NASTY sandwiches, and they’re expensive too.

  42. Darick Maasen says:

    My local Quizno’s would not take it because of ‘Rampant Internet Fraud’. At least that is what their signs said…

  43. Marshfield says:

    I complained to corporate and got an email today requesting information on a form, which I provided. It was a third party internet survey “what problem did you have: 1. local store did not accept coupon, 2: printer did not print 3: did not get confirming email 4: other (with explanation box) and then your full name and mailing address. Very plain looking like it had been done in a hurry. I can only hope they’ll step up to the plate and send people who had issues VALID and REDEEMABLE free subs coupons.

  44. Anonymous says:

    “When asked about Rich’s comments, Quiznos responded:

    In this current economic environment, Quiznos is continually working to develop new products that offer great food at a great value for its guests, while still helping its franchisees control costs. America’s response to our offer to get a high quality great tasting Quiznos sub for free has been nothing short of overwhelming. In light of this, Quiznos is reimbursing it’s franchisees for the cost of all of the free subs.”

    I’m a Quiznos Franchise Owner and appreciate the article you’ve written that helps shed light on the overwhelming incompetence that my fellow FO’s and I have been dealing with for several, SEVERAL years now.

    With respects to the above quote and response from Quiznos Corporate to Rich’s post…would you please post the original response from corporate on your website or within this blog. I would very much like to keep a record of this in my file when I send them the bill for the 587 free subs I’ve given away this past week as well as the hundreds I am expecting to give away this week.

    Given my past 7 years experience with this organization, I seriously, SERIOUSLY doubt that Quiznos corporate will reimburse us for the cost of “all the free subs” we’ve given away.

    Thank you…

    Quiznos Franchise Owner (FO)

  45. dlayphoto says:

    According to Sean Hannity, no Quiznos locations in Boston are accepting the coupons:


  46. Anonymous says:

    Zero sympathy for the franchisees. If they want the benefits of having the “Quizno’s” sign on their door, then they need to deal with the costs that go with it. If they don’t like it, they shouldn’t have opened the franchise, and instead should have just opened their own “Larry’s Subs” or whatever name they choose.

    Gimmy my @#$%ing sandwich…