Smart Television Alliance Asks "Feature Films For Families" To Stop Using Its Name

Feature Films For Families—the company that’s been phone-spamming random people over the past few weeks—follows no man’s law! The nonprofit Smart Television Alliance, which works to educate parents on how to improve the television experience for kids*, discovered that the company was using its name without permission.

Here’s the official statement from the Smart Television Alliance.

Statement regarding telephone solicitation by Feature Films for Families Inc. and Corporation for Character, both of Murray, Utah

(February 26, 2009, Washington, DC) The Smart Television Alliance is a collaboration of major nonprofit organizations united to promote parental control of children’s television viewing at home through the use of technology and by encouraging smart viewing choices as part of a healthy and balanced media lifestyle. The Smart Television Alliance sent a Cease and Desist letter to Feature Films for Families Inc. and Corporation for Character Inc. of Murray, Utah after learning that “Smart Television Alliance” and the names of some of our participating organizations were being used without permission. In a written response, Feature Films for Families/Corporation for Character indicated that the company and its related entities would immediately cease using our name. The Smart Television Alliance has not and does not intend to engage in telephone solicitation of any kind.

For further questions or concerns, please contract

Learn more about the Smart Television Alliance by visiting our website:

Christopher M. Turman IV
Senior Vice President
National Strategies, Inc.
919 18th Street, NW 10th Floor
Washington, DC 20006

Note: For the record, while the Smart Television Alliance looks like a perfectly decent and respectable outfit, their big sponsor is Tivo (it’s stated clearly on the front page) and they strongly push for using a DVR as a way to control television watching. We’re all for DVRs and the control they give you over your television programming, but we just think that in the interest of transparency you should know this.