American Express Cancels Your Card Right Before You Were Supposed To Get Your $500 Rebate

Andrea, an American Express member for over 20 years, is upset because AmEx canceled her cash-back card two weeks before her $500 rebate check was supposed to arrive, and declared the rebate forfeit.

Andrea writes:

I am sure I am not the first one. AMEX canceled my credit card on 01/31/2009. I have been a member since 1986 and always pay my full balance every month. They were supposed to mail me my yearly Costco cash rebate check of about $500 with my 02/14/2009 statement. Since they canceled my card 2 weeks ago they told me that the rebate is forfeited. They tell me Experian provided them with a bad credit report but my credit score is 720 and when I called Experian they told me that AMEX has been canceling many customer with excellent credit scores.

I wonder how much money AMEX has saved by canceling customers who were due rebates? This is outrageous.

That is outrageous. We suggest calling them up and having a chat with someone higher up. Perhaps also try calling Costco, which is generally pretty good about customer service, and would probably like to know that its partner isn’t.

(Photo: Tengaport)

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