Sleepy's Promises To Help Deliver Your Mattress As Long As You Do All The Work

Sleepy’s just won’t help Ashley pick up her new mattress. The store promised to have rope on hand to strap the mattress to her car, but when Ashley arrived she was told that Sleepy’s had “run out of rope.” To apologize, a sales rep instead promised her free delivery, but called later to explain that he wasn’t authorized to offer any freebies. He did, though, promise that Sleepy’s would have rope the next time Ashley came by. Of course, they didn’t have rope when she returned, and when she complained to a manager, the manager explained that Sleepy’s had no obligation to provide Ashley with rope or free delivery, and that she better find a way to take her mattress because they weren’t going to refund her money either.

Hi Consumerist,

Long time reader, first time victim of customer abuse. I just bought a mattress from Sleepy’s and needed to move it from the store to my new apartment. The sales representative said they would provide ropes and help tie the mattress to my car when I came back to pick it up (he made it very clear before I made the purchase that the ropes and help would be gauranteed). After setting a time for pick up with the store and finagling the automotive services of my ex-boyfriend, I arrived at the store to find out that they ran out of rope and would not help us out. I explained to the rep how difficult it was to arrange the pick up, and he offered to deliver the mattress, free of charge.

This would have been a great story if it ended there, but there’s more. I get a call later that night from the same rep, who said he was not authorized to provide free shipping and that I would have to pay for delivery or come back again to pick up the mattress. I called up my ex and was able to set up another time for him to help me move the mattress. I called the store to set up the pick up time and make sure they had the right supplies. But when I called again, just before we left to go to the store, the rep informed me that, once again, they were out of rope (he actually initially said on the phone again that they had the rope, but I forced him to actually go to the back and physically check).

The next day, I spoke to the store manager, who said 1) they had no obligation to provide rope in the first place, 2) he would not provide any discounted delivery, and 3) I could not get a refund because I already signed for the mattress. I would normally be fine going out to buy these rope myself and convincing someone else to help me pick up the mattress, but I am just so frustrated by the poor level of customer service and the fact that these reps keep making false promises. It did not help that the manager on the phone was also extremely rude.

I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for recourse. I’m getting sick of sleeping on my couch!

Screw the contract, Sleepy’s made promises and they should stick to them. You can try hopping over the store manager’s head and calling the corporate office, but a direct approach might be more effective. Since you’ve already spent enough time at Sleepy’s and this has clearly become about the principle of the matter, consider marching back down to the store and politely explaining to the manager that unless she honors the store’s promises, you intend to spend the day explaining to potential customers that Sleepy’s refuses to keep their promises. Maybe that will change her tune.

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