Four Ways To Save Money At A Sporting Event

Sporting events were once a nice way to kill the day with friends instead of the massively expensive once-a-year “treats” that they’re trying to become. Food and drinks are easily the biggest expenses you can control at any sporting event, and with a few tips from Frugal Dad, you can keep your day at the game as cheap as it was in grandpa’s time…

  • Eat Before You Go: Don’t pay $8 for a $0.50 hot dog when you can pre-game with a small meal instead.
  • Pack Your Own Drinks And Snacks: We know, you’re not supposed to bring in outside food or drinks. Whatever. Here’s how to do it: find a backpack and put your well-wrapped food and drinks in at the bottom. Next, get your dirty laundry, preferably things like socks that stink. Add that to the top. Present your bag of fun to the security guard and you’ll be through in no time.
  • Don’t Eat Out Afterwards: You’ve pre-gamed and snacked at the game, don’t ruin everything by going out for a meal afterwards.
  • Watch It On TV: With all your snacks and drinks waiting for you at home, why bother leaving? Gather everyone around the tv and have a family night instead.

Five Ways To Save Money At A Sporting Event [Frugal Dad]
(Photo: zenobia_joy)