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You Probably Just Shouldn’t Eat Anything With Sunflower Seeds In It For A While

Sunflower seeds are a satisfying snack, and especially good to eat during a long drive. They’re also a common ingredient in cereals, granola, granola bars, protein bars, cookies, and you can even buy sunflower seed butter. We didn’t realize quite how popular they are until a company called SunOpta found Listeria monocytogenes contamination after routine testing of their bulk sunflower seeds. Since then, companies from supermarkets to sporting goods stores have been recalling their products that contain sunflower seeds, and those little seeds are everywhere. [More]

Demonic Dip Jar Causes Bloodbath

Demonic Dip Jar Causes Bloodbath

Personal finance blogger Penny Frugalista spins a campfire tale of how she and her husband were mangled by a stubborn, stabby Tostitos Southwestern Ranch dip jar. [More]