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World Cup Ticket Prices Will Top $1,000 For The First Time

If you’re planning on attending the 2018 World Cup in Moscow, you better start saving, as ticket prices will cross the $1,000 mark for the first time. [More]

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Ticketmaster Will Allow Some Users To Buy Tickets On Facebook Soon

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook news feed and noticed a friend had scored tickets to that awesome concert or sporting event, but decided it was simply too much work to actually search for the event yourself? That’s about to change — if the tickets are sold through Ticketmaster.  [More]

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Chicago Cubs Apologize After Long Bathroom Lines On Opening Day Led Fans To Pee In Plastic Cups

Opening Day crowds proved too much for Wrigley Field’s bathrooms, only two of which were open on the main concourse yesterday. The Chicago Cubs are now apologizing to fans, after the long lines prompted some people to seek other means of relieving themselves. [More]

Redskins Makes Fans Wait While Scalpers Cherry-Pick Tickets

Redskins Makes Fans Wait While Scalpers Cherry-Pick Tickets

The Washington Post reports the Washington Redskins gave ticket brokers the first crack at their tickets during the 2007 and 2008 seasons, making fans pay more from the third parties.

Four Ways To Save Money At A Sporting Event

Four Ways To Save Money At A Sporting Event

Sporting events were once a nice way to kill the day with friends instead of the massively expensive once-a-year “treats” that they’re trying to become. Food and drinks are easily the biggest expenses you can control at any sporting event, and with a few tips from Frugal Dad, you can keep your day at the game as cheap as it was in grandpa’s time…

Why Do Ticketmaster Events Sell Out Instantly?

Ticketmaster is suing RMG Technologies for selling lecherous software that instantly sucks up tickets to everyone’s favorite concerts and sporting events. Groups like RMG are the reason tickets sell out just minutes after going on sale, only to mysteriously reappear at outrageously marked up prices on ticket resale sites like StubHub.