Private Jet Manufacturers Annoyed At Backlash, Claim Jets Are Practical

Did you know that private jets are actually quite practical? We didn’t. The Wall Street Journal says that private jet manufacturers are angry at the backlash against private jets and are speaking out to “counter business aircraft misinformation.”

From the WSJ:

In a campaign to begin Wednesday, Cessna Aircraft Co. will run an ad that says, “Pity the poor executive who blinks,” and gets rid of the company jet. “One thing is certain: true visionaries will continue to fly.”

“We think it’s time the other side of the story be told, and that support be given to those businesses with the good judgment and courage to use business aviation to not only help their businesses survive the current financial crisis, but more quickly forge a path toward an economic upturn,” said Jack Pelton, Cessna’s chairman and CEO.

Another advertisement (shown below) reads, “Timidity didn’t get you this far. Why put it in your business plan now?” (We assume that question is rhetorical.)

The backlash is hurting Cessna where it counts, the company recently laid off 4,500 workers because of the sudden drop in demand. Gulfstream Aerospace’s spokesperson also defended the use of private jets.

“Do you really want a major executive to show up three hours late to a big meeting because of flight delays?” said Robert Baugniet, director of corporate communications for General Dynamics Corp.’s Gulfstream Aerospace, which makes some of the higher-end jets.

Cessna Fights Back On Private-Jet Trend [WSJ] (Thanks, Daniel!)
Cessna Launches Campaign to Counter Business Aircraft Misinformation (Press Release)

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