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Chuck Miller

Report: Former GE CEO Brought Along An Extra Empty Plane On Some Trips

Have you ever stashed a spare shirt in your bag in case you spilled something, or brought along a spare pair of shoes in case you got a blister? Former General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt reportedly took similar precautions: According to company insiders, he brought an extra jet along with him on some business trips in case the first one broke down. [More]


Hurricane Matthew Is Really Serious: Waffle House Is Closed

When there’s a disaster in certain areas of the country, people turn to an entity known for its careful preparation for times of crisis and its dependability to be the first business in town to reopen, if it closed at all. With the imminent arrival of Hurricane Matthew, all eyes are on this key piece of our infrastructure: Waffle House. [More]

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Don’t Drive Anywhere Without Stashing These Things In Your Car Trunk

When I bought a car from a family friend, I was delighted to open up the trunk and find a pair of gloves, tire-changing tools, and a can of Fix-A-Flat nestled on top of the spare tire. There were tissues in the center console, a stocked changepurse, maps, and even a disposable camera. Not everyone is so lucky…but what should you stock your car with when starting from scratch? [More]

Before You Lose Your Job, Make A Contingency Plan

No matter how firmly entrenched you are in the corporate womb or how indispensable you appear to be, you could lose your job without notice. The only thing worse than losing your job by surprise is losing it by surprise with no plan to adjust your budget until you find work again. [More]

Things Online Shoppers Shouldn't Do

You can shop online for years without ever having your information compromised, but not everyone can be so lucky. There are ways to guard yourself against thieves looking to swipe your money and personal information. [More]

How To Be A Return-Friendly Shopper This Holiday Season

How To Be A Return-Friendly Shopper This Holiday Season

You may think you’ve bought the perfect gift for everyone on your list, but at least some of your recipients are likely to disagree: Last holiday season, nearly one in seven adults returned a gift within the first two weeks after Christmas. And many shoppers make it harder for them by leaving out gift receipts or failing to look into retail return policies. [More]

8 Tips For Picking The Right Tax Preparer

8 Tips For Picking The Right Tax Preparer

You know that I love you all and would just love to prepare every last one of your 1040s this year. But between my existing clients and that centipede I can’t seem to catch, I’m booked solid through tax day. [More]