Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has announced a new website,, to increase transparency in the financial stability program.


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  1. sleze69 says:

    A nice website at which we can shake our fists in futility as there is really nothing else we can do to prevent senior executives from being “demoted” beneath the $500k salary cutoff line.

    • B says:

      @sleze69: You can see which banks are choosing that path and take your money out of them.

    • Corporate_guy says:

      @sleze69: Are you suggest senior executives shouldn’t be taking pay cuts?

      • B says:

        @Corporate_guy: No, he’s saying senior execs shouldn’t be “demoted” to a lower position that pays more than the $500K limit on senior exec salaries.

      • sleze69 says:

        @Corporate_guy: B got it right. I believe that there should be a cap that every employee of a company receiving bailout money should be capped. That way there are no loopholes.

        Quite frankly, they are nationalized companies and probably should be limited by the GS and the SES pay scales of the government. They should feel lucky at having such a high pay cap.

  2. Patrick Mcgranaghan says:

    There is almost no information on this website. Sorry but this does nothing to increase transparency.

  3. Ash78 ain't got time to bleed says:

    The administration’s load of crap is shovel-ready!

  4. The_Gas_Man says:

    Increase transparency…. So is he going to post his tax records on there?

  5. PHRoG says:

    So what exactly is this guy doing that is any different than the other jackass that was running the show?

  6. squidbrain says: