Verizon Admits They Did Wrong, Still Won't Do Right

Reader Ronak found out that Verizon overcharged him on a few of his billing cycles. A quick call confirmed that an error in their system overcharged him, so he requested a correction. In a confusing counter-offer, Verizon offered only 25% of the money that they mistakenly charged him for back as a refund. Now, Ronak is confused. Full letter inside.

I just got off from phone with Verizon customer service. They admitted that because of billing error in their system, I was overcharged for the month of Sept 19 to Oct 18, 2007 and Oct 19 to Nov 18, 2007. Recently, the mistake was brought to my notice. After noticing the mistake, I pointed out to them that it’s their billing error, which after a month of calling back and forth, they admitted. To compensate me for the overcharge, they are offering me credit of only 25% of the overcharge amount instead of 100% refund. I am not happy with the offer. For proving my case, I have paper bills with call logs for those months.

Ronak, you shouldn’t be happy. You should be proper pissed. But you’ve done your job, you have paper bills, call logs, and all the great pieces of evidence that fuels a great Executive Email Carpet Bomb. Send a nice salvo their way, Ronak. Tell ’em Consumerist sent ya.

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