Get Free Overnight Shipping For Life At Zappos

Get guaranteed overnight shipping for life from awesome-opossum online shoe store Zappos simply by signing up here before noon PST today. To use it, remember that you’ll need to shop through the portal from now on. (Thanks to Dena!)


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  1. Dahmer says:

    People on other deal sites are stating that the confirmation email says:

    “VERY IMPORTANT: In order to take advantage of VIP benefits in the future, you will need to start shopping at, not the regular site.”

    I didn’t sign up myself. Just thought people might want to know.

  2. Moosehawk says:

    Has anyone ever bought from Zappos before? Quality of service?

    • Ash78 ain't got time to bleed says:

      @Moosehawk: They’re the biggest internet shoe retailer. Well known for outstanding service, decent prices, and generally free shipping most of the time. I believe they also do unlimited returns, no questions asked.

    • OwenKlient says:

      @Moosehawk: Excellent on all counts. I’ve ordered from them often and never had a problem.

    • HungryTuna says:


      They sponsor the Las Vegas Marathon. Very Legit company (Also have had several posts on consumerists for being above and beyond)

    • Jubilance22 says:

      @Moosehawk: I’ve ordered from them and it was a great experience. No complaints at all, and I love the boots I got.

    • the dodo, the cuckoo, and the nene says:

      @Moosehawk: Zappos is awesome and their customer service is fantastic. I am a shoe fiend, and they are the only place that is consistently reliable, in terms of updating on in stock items, sizes, colors, etc. Their shipping and return policies are awesome as well.

    • floraposte says:

      @Moosehawk: They’re basically the gold standard for customer service in e-commerce. If you click on the “Zappo’s” tag at the end of the article, you’ll see a pile of Consumerist stories about the company, almost all of them marveling at it.

    • SabreDC says:

      @Moosehawk: I’m another who has had nothing but good service with Zappos. They are an amazing company in terms of quality of service.

    • UnicornMaster says:

      @Moosehawk: I love them. I remember they used to have free overnight shipping both ways all the time, but I’m guessing it cost them a lot of money. I’m glad they’re bringing it back. It was the quickest way I could find a shoe that fits.

    • CaffiendCA says:

      @Moosehawk: I’ve had nothing but good experiences from Zappos. Their prices aren’t always fantastic, but they’re not too differnet from most shoe retailers.

      The one thing that impressed me is that the various shoes I’ve bought always come in boxes that haven’t been opened before. My experience at REI is exaclty the opposite, every pair has been tried on before, and they’re bad about tossing all the stuffing, etc. Once they brought out a pair sans box. Just a nice thing about Zappos that I’ve experienced. I’m sure not all of what they send is pristine, but it has been for me.

    • cuchanu says:

      @Moosehawk: I think they are a good company, but if you shop around, their prices are often not good at all. In fact on multiple occasions I have seen shoes selling their for ABOVE SUGGESTED RETAIL while other retailers had them 50% off. NB ZIP at Zappos= $95; retail= 89.95; I purchased them for 39.95.

    • Nick1693 says:

      @Moosehawk: I recently got some shoes from Zappos. Excellent customer service, if you pay with PayPal like I did (I’ve never had any problems with them, either) you get free overnight shipping (Not sure if that’s still going on, though.)

    • Lazy Line Painter Jane says:

      @Moosehawk: I bought a pair of sneakers for my dad for christmas. WHen they arrived, I looked in the box to find a pair of heelies for a little girl. I called them up and they explained that the box must have gotten bumped while it was being labeled and I was sent someone else’s order. They said that if I taped the box back up and pulled off the address label, someone from UPS would be by my house in the morning to pick up the box for free. Also, they offered me a $25 zappos credit, which they allowed me to apply to that order, which meant that the $50 shoes were now only costing me $25.

  3. ekasbury says:

    What’s the difference between and Actually, perhaps I live under a rock or something, but just what is zappos anyays? I’ve seen the name tons but don’t know anything about them.

  4. abba_ks says:

    Typically Zappos marks shoes up about $4 or $5 from MSRP, so the “free shipping” isn’t always “free.” Just FYI.

    (Excellent customer service & return policies, though.)

    • ceilingFANBOY says:

      @abba_ks: I just ordered chucks from them two weeks ago and they were cheaper than any other place that I could find them other than places that charged for shipping and sales tax. Then again, the shoes that I ordered are now $3 more than when I purchased them but there are still other colors that are available for the same price. I guess it all depends on what shoes you are getting and whether or not those shoes go on sale. Since Chucks almost never go on sale except for those ones with the funky designs, they are cheaper on the site. For season shoes that you can usually find cheaper at certain times of the year, going to a store is probably cheaper.

      • jeebussez says:


        On the contrary, I used to work at Mervyn’s (lol) in shoes and we had Chucks on sale on a regular basis (about monthly). Granted they were marked down 3 bucks but that’s still a sale. Kohl’s has a sporadic sales on them too; I just got a pair for 37.50 (MSRP 44.95).

        • ceilingFANBOY says:

          @jeebussez: It might be a regional thing. There are no Mervyn’s here and whenever I see them on sale they are usually still 39.99, which after tax would still put them above the 41.95 I paid. Also, the ones on sale are usually smaller than size 10 and it’s hard to even find the colored ones at times (I bought red ones and will probably be buying orange ones when baseball season comes around). Had I been able to find a pair for 37.50, I would have bought them there instead. I don’t even think the Kohl’s by me even carries Chucks.

    • SabreDC says:

      @abba_ks: While that may be true, they also have a selection that cannot be matched by a physical brick-and-mortar store. I was looking for a very specific pair of Dockers shoes and I had no luck anywhere except Zappos.

    • Vivelafat is the Quizat Haderach says:

      @abba_ks: They price match so if you find a better price any where call them and they will match it.

  5. Jaclyn Wild Flanigan says:

    They were on the Oprah show last Friday. Excellent customer service…
    Even if they tend to mark up prices a few bucks, (which I haven’t noticed myself) overnight shipping is usually more than 5 bucks.

    • abba_ks says:

      @Jaclyn Wild Flanigan: i’m in the shoe biz…they do it on all the brands we carry at the MSRP. I’m not sure about other brands. Doesn’t stop me from ordering from Zappos on the stuff I can’t get at my own stores, though.

    • Vivelafat is the Quizat Haderach says:

      @Jaclyn Wild Flanigan: They price match so if you find the shoe for cheaper you can call them. I’ve seen them price match up to a year after the shoe was sold.

  6. Goatweed says:

    this is very cool – they carry almost every shoe known to man. great post!

  7. SybilDisobedience says:

    Zappos is awesome. Not always the best prices online, but excellent service. Thanks for this info – signed up myself and the boyfriend just now.

  8. Fresh-Fest-1986 says:

    Just wanted to echo everyone’s comments about great service. They once ran out of a color of shoe I had already ordered and I received a phone call from someone in their warehouse about it. He offered other options as well as putting me on a list when they received a new shipments of the shoes. That level of service really gave me pause.

    Zappo’s makes feets happy.

  9. djanes1 says:

    I did a casual look-see of prices between VIP and regular zappos, and wasn’t able to really spot price differences. However, the website interface is completely different and I did this comparison on the same computer and time.

  10. the dodo, the cuckoo, and the nene says:

    I absolutely love zappos. One time I received a pair of shoes that got nicked the first day I wore them. I called up Zappos to complain. They said I could return the shoes and get a free refund. Well, the shoes were only slightly nicked, so I told them I’d keep them. The customer service rep said “ok” and gave me a $20 gift certificate because I wasn’t completely satisfied.
    Another time, they mixed up my order. They shipped out the right pair immediately and I got a $25 gift coupon for the inconvenience.

    • Papercutninja says:

      @the dodo, the cuckoo, and the nene:

      So YOU nicked the shoes while YOU were wearing them and this is Zappos fault how?? You’re the type of customer that eventually turns a good store bad by taking advantage of their generous policies. Shame on you.

      • Beerad says:

        @Papercutninja: Well, to jump to the aid of some random, don’t-know-him-from-Adam, anonymous internet commenter…. he DID say that he was going to keep the shoes, and it’s entirely possible that the call was more like “hey, just wanted to tell you that this product is really easily nicked – thought you might want to know.” I agree that such good customer policies should not be discouraged by abuse, but aren’t you jumping to conclusions here? It’s not like his post was “Hey, you can totally screw Zappo’s because they’re awesome and trusting!”

      • the dodo, the cuckoo, and the nene says:

        @Papercutninja: I told them I was unhappy with the quality of the shoes. I don’t think a pair of shoes should nick within 20 minutes of stepping outside on a sidewalk. I realize that Zappos doesn’t make the shoes, but I wanted to let them know that these particular shoes were not up to Zappos’ usual high standard. I was pleased that they actually listened to me and I wasn’t expecting anything in return. I was writing this as a compliment to Zappos, and not trying to brag about taking advantage of them.

  11. Keen314 says:

    I’m not sure that I’m ready for a commitment like that.

  12. LastVigilante says:

    I’ve been a Zappos user for a while, and switch between them and Endless for my shoes depending on price. I just signed up for this VIP thing and the one thing I notice is that the VIP website has less of a selection. For instance, I’m viewing Men’s New Balance Classics, on the VIP site there are 12 shoes, on the normal site there are 78 shoes. The prices on matching items is the same. Nothing to get in a huff about, but if they don’t have it on the VIP site I’ll just check the normal site, and they’ll probably ship it out to me quick as usual anyways.

    • ryan89 says:

      @LastVigilante: Try this link: []

      Your link is only showing what’s “New”

      • LastVigilante says:

        @ryan89: D’oheth! Well done my intrepid checker of links.

        Though, the VIP site still only shows 76 as opposed to 78 on the normal site, which is less of a big deal, although the previous miscount was no big deal either. I was just trying to make a point that Zappos always ships quick regardless of VIP status.

  13. savdavid says:

    Do they mean the life of the consumer or the life of their corporation, site, company or until they are bought out or sold or bankrupt?

  14. pbj_sushi says:


    I just signed up at 12:15pm, and it said there were “168 minutes left”… Maybe they extended the deadline?

  15. Beerad says:

    @Moosehawk: I’ll jump on the Zappo’s good karma dogpile. Have bought several pairs of shoes from them, nothing but outstanding customer service all around. Returned one pair (wrong size) and I couldn’t believe it was so easy. Zappo’s is the customer service bomb. Hmmmm, now I want to buy some new shoes…

  16. jakesprincess says:

    I’d rather stick with regular Zappos and use a click-thru site, like, where I can get a percentage of my purchase price back in cold, hard cash.

    As someone who is a major shoe fined and constantly checking prices I have found Zappos to be higher priced than their competitors.

  17. the dodo, the cuckoo, and the nene says:

    I have ordered over 20 pairs of shoes from Zappos, and I have gotten free overnight shipping every time. Every time I order a pair of shoes, I select the “free shipping 4-5 days” option. Then I get an email a few hours later saying my shipping has been “upgraded” to overnight. It has happened every time for the last year.

  18. mauispiderweb says:

    Oh yeah, don’t bother signing up if you live in Hawaii. As usual, we’re not included in those free shipping deals. *sigh* You think I’d be used to it by now.

  19. MissTicklebritches says:

    @Moosehawk: I’ve bought from them several times. They have a huge selection, great service, and decent prices. Free overnight shipping is the icing on the already frosted, fondant-covered cake.

  20. Jesse Rock says:

    I use Zappos all the time, for things other than shoes too. They have the best customer service I’ve ever encountered.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ordered something at 6pm PST and have it arrive at 4:30pm PST the next day when choosing the 3 day free shipping.

    I signed up, but I can’t remember the last time they didn’t upgrade me to overnight from the 3 day free shipping option.

  21. xamarshahx says:

    why does the VIP site say Powered by VIP and the regular zappos site say Powered by Service? Are the prices the same on both sites?

    • kimsama says:

      @xamarshahx: Zappos: Powered by Deception???

      Either that, or it’s probably just a cute marketing thing, considering neither “Service” nor “VIP” are reliable producers of power.

  22. IT-Chick says:

    Call me crazy… or cheap, but I don’t see how these are good prices.

    • SabreDC says:

      @IT-Chick: Sometimes, people (myself included) are willing to pay a little more for a guaranteed no-hassle shopping experience. I’d pay an extra $10 knowing that I wouldn’t have to take a day off to get back to a store during their hours to argue with an underpaid teenage customer service rep who has no desire to do their job only to have the store give me a gift card and act like they are doing me a favor. Sorry for the run-on sentence.

      • IT-Chick says:

        True I’m sure. I have pretty big feet for a chick (10-11) and have to buy my shoes online, but I usually shop at QVC, HSN, or other online retailers. I honestly never heard of Zappos til now.

  23. orlo says:

    It’s unfortunate that Consumerist is participating in a marketing campaign. Zappos always used to have free 1-day shipping. Then it was free 3-day, but all customers were “upgraded” to 1-day. Now you need a “VIP membership” to get the same benefits as before.

    Zappos used to be great when they had 110% price-matching. Now they are all about “perceived value”, which is not worth a premium price when centered around poor quality Chinese footwear.

  24. William Mize says:

    Missed it by that much.

  25. EdnaLegume says:

    I’ve shopped with Zappos and always been astounded by their ultra fast shipping. I ordered a pair of shoes on a Sunday afternoon and had them Monday.

    I’ve always gotten them the next day.

    HOWEVER, I’ve noticed, as of late, the work shoes I order for my husband (roughly every six months) could possibly be seconds? I had to return yet another pair and order the exact same shoe from the manufacturer. Same size, same item number, better fit from manufacturer.

    And, same price.

    *shrugs* I’m afraid I won’t be ordering hubby’s shoes from Zappos anymore, sadly. Getting them less than 24 hours later is fun.

  26. WeAre138 says:

    I interviewed at Zappos for a Software Engineer position. While I didn’t accept their offer, I will say that they seemed like a great company. They certainly spoil their employees and everyone seems to have a good time there. One of the unique things I saw was the customer service. They actually had real “specialist” to handle specific types of calls. I.e., they had guys/gals that were skaters (and yes it looked like they just rode in on a board) on the phones for skater style shoes. It was like that for almost every different category of shoes available.

    Anyways, I would recommend buying from them (I do).

  27. RRich says:

    Well, the sign up deal is over but you can get on the waiting list here: []

    • Lividity says:

      @RRich: I am so sorry I missed this. See? This is why I must visit Consumerist each morning. Thanks for posting the waiting list sign-up.

  28. primigravida says:

    Without a question is THE best internet shopping site – bar none. They get a five (out of five) star rating in every existing category. My only complaint is that they just sell shoes. Every other business should follow their example. In fact, my family has made the very word ‘Zappos’ a household name and use it to define exemplary products and service.

  29. synergy says:

    Aw man! I totally missed this! That’s what I get for not reading my feeds for 2-3 days. :(