3 iPhone Class Action Lawsuits Filed In The Past Week

The number of people gunning for some Apple/AT&T cash keeps increasing, with three new class action lawsuits filed over the past 8 days alone. In all three suits, the primary complaint is the same: that AT&T Mobility’s 3G network isn’t robust enough to deliver the type of experience promised by iPhone marketing.

From the suit filed in Texas:

Due to the overloaded 3G network, it is quite common for iPhone users to only be on the 3G network for a few minutes before being bumped to the slower EDGE network despite being in geographical areas allegedly rich with 3G network coverage.

In addition to 3G complaints, two of the suits state that the iPhone hardware is prone to early wear-and-tear, and the third suit alleges that Apple’s firmware updates haven’t solved usability problems as promised.

You iPhone owners out there—is 3G still a problem? The last we heard, AT&T was (allegedly) yanking power from the EDGE network and turning its back on old-school data users like me in order to bulk up the 3G access.

“More iPhone lawsuits claim high-profile gadget ‘cannot adequately perform’” [RCR Wireless]

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