World's Lamest Promo? Buy $48 In Tickets, Receive 4 Free Tacos!

Holy mother of sponsor deals! Yesterday and today only, if you visit and spend $48 on a Taco Bell Family 4-Pack for the Sesame Street Live “Elmo Makes Music” event at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton “We Don’t Have A Corporate Sponsor Yet But Give Us Time” New Jersey, you’ll receive 4 free tacos from Taco Bell! Oh, but “additional fees may apply.”

Still, that’s a great deal, right? We’re not sure which company to thank first for such bounty, but it sure will be fun to take the kids to the bathroom repeatedly during those noisy musical numbers.

Here’s a screen cap of the emailed offer. We don’t want to post the direct link to the offer in case Eloqua can trace the url back to the tipster’s email address, and spitefully remove him from future amazing deals:

(Thanks to Gil!)
(Photo: nickstone333)

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