'My Coke Rewards' Program Grows Authentically Smaller, Less Rewarding

It looks like the end days may be approaching for Coca-Cola’s point redemption program according to Matt, who watches for this sort of thing. He opines,

If you have a large number of points you better use them in the next few weeks, or be content with getting a large amount of Coke-branded clothing.

Among the changes just announced for My Coke Rewards:

  • Weekly maximum point accumulation limit dropped to 120 (used to be 700/week)
  • all items above the 2000 point mark are being removed
  • Spanish version of site is being taken down

Still reading? Huh. Okay, here are more details directly from Coke’s website.

“My Coke Rewards – The Beginning of the End” [Mattazuma’s Revenge]

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