Walgreens Says That All Prescriptions Count For Balance Rewards Program, But Not Quite

When the word “all” appears in an ad, are you supposed to take it literally? That’s a good question, and it’s an important question when it comes to how Walgreens advertises its Balance Rewards program. The store’s marketing claims that “all” prescriptions are part of Balance Rewards, but that is not true. [More]

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United Airlines Revamping Some Fees For MileagePlus Members

Determining what fees you’ll have to pay when making changes to your United Airlines itinerary is about to get a bit slightly less complicated for MileagePlus members, as the airline recently unveiled it would create one set of fees for changing and canceling flights.  [More]


It’s About To Get More Difficult To Earn AAdvantage Miles On American Airlines’ Partner Carriers

A month before American Airlines is set to join the likes of rivals United and Delta by rewarding AAdvantage loyalty members with miles based on how much they pay for their ticket, the carrier made additional changes to the way passengers rack up miles when flying with partner airlines.  [More]

Chipotle Will Begin Temporary Loyalty Program, Chiptopia, This Week

Chipotle Will Begin Temporary Loyalty Program, Chiptopia, This Week

Chipotle needs two things: they need customers to start coming in to buy food, and they need those customers to keep coming back. After mailing and texting out free burrito coupons and buy-one-get-one-free offers earlier this year, the company’s newest idea to turn things around is a limited-time loyalty program. [More]

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Google Pays $550K To People Who Found Security Issues With Android

One year after Google launched its Android Security Rewards program that aimed to compensate researchers who discovered vulnerabilities in the company’s products — software, tablets, and phones – the tech giant announced the program was a success, divvying out more than $550,000.

Uber Teams Up With Capital One For Rewards Program

Uber Teams Up With Capital One For Rewards Program

For the most part Uber and credit cards go hand-in-hand: in order to hail a ride you must be willing to pay for your ride via a debit or credit card stored to your account. So it should come with little shock that the company is now partnering with Capital One on a rewards program for riders. [More]

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Starbucks Isn’t Seeing “Any Of The Noise” Expected Over Rewards Program Overhaul

Despite the backlash from some customers over the recent changes in Starbucks’ My Rewards loyalty program, the company says the overhaul is going quite well, and that it hasn’t heard anything particularly worrisome. Well, not yet, at least. [More]

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Will Costco’s Switch From American Express To Visa Affect My Credit?

In June, Costco will officially change its store-branded credit card from American Express to a Visa card issued by Citi. The wholesale club is promising a seamless transition, but some longtime Costco customers have concerns: Will my credit score or history be dinged? Can I opt-out?  [More]


Alaska Airlines Now Lets You Use Frequent Flyer Miles For TSA PreCheck Membership

It’s been two years since the Transportation Security Administration declared that the PreCheck airport security fast lanes — no removing shoes, no taking your laptop out of your bag — is only for paying customers. Now Alaska Airlines is letting its frequent fliers use their airline miles to pay the PreCheck  membership fee.



The Southwest Rapid Rewards Points Disaster: A Cautionary Tale

Unless you’re a frequent business traveler, or a big spender who makes a lot of expensive purchases using their credit cards, racking up thousands of rewards points in a short period of time isn’t always easy. So when you see an opportunity to amass enough points to earn you free airfare in the matter of a few weeks, it’s tempting to give it a shot. But if your timing is off, it could backfire on you in a big way, leaving you with a bunch of points but without the rewards you wanted. [More]

Report: Airbnb Gearing Up To Offer Prepaid “Experience” Credit Card For International Travelers

Report: Airbnb Gearing Up To Offer Prepaid “Experience” Credit Card For International Travelers

Traveling to a foreign country can be expensive: flights, lodging, and fees associated with currency exchanges. Airbnb is reportedly attempting to make the experience a little less costly for its customers by piloting a program that offers lodgers a prepaid reward credit card to use on their trip.  [More]

Ashley Madison Offering $378,000 Reward For Info On Hackers

Ashley Madison Offering $378,000 Reward For Info On Hackers

While big companies have been known to offer “bounties” to white-hat hackers to test for weaknesses in their networks and websites to ensure they aren’t one day breached in a cyber attack, it’s too late for, the dating site for cheaters. After the embarrassment of having its users’ private information made very public, the site is now dangling several hundred thousand dollars as a reward for information leading to the arrest of the group behind the massive hack.  [More]

Sephora Promises Epic Rewards, Customers Get Epic Letdown

Sephora Promises Epic Rewards, Customers Get Epic Letdown

Today was a special event if you’re a fan of cosmetics who has been spending a lot of money at Sephora: the company released just a few very valuable rewards, like valuable and rare makeup assortments, or even a trip to Paris. The rewards would be coming, Sephora told their customers, at some point during business hours today, Pacific time. Fans refreshed the page constantly looking for the prizes. Then the rewards were all gone. Update: Customers still aren’t pleased with Sephora’s reaction to their complaints. Another update: Sephora has promised to do something for these customers, but can’t say what and will get back to them in two weeks. Or in September. [More]

It’s Getting Harder To Win The Powerball Jackpot — But Smaller Rewards May Be Within Reach

It’s Getting Harder To Win The Powerball Jackpot — But Smaller Rewards May Be Within Reach

If you’ve been basing your lottery dreams on the same Powerball odds that have been in place, you better prepare for an adjustment in your sleep-time calculations: The folks behind the curtain are changing the rules, making it tougher to win the Powerball jackpot. [More]

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Seattle Couple Realizes After Three Months They’ve Got A $1M Powerball Ticket

You know how they say, “You can’t win if you don’t play?” That’s true, but you also can’t really win unless you remember to check your ticket. That was the case for a Seattle couple who bought a Powerball ticket, left it in the car for months and then decided to check it after all. Turns out they’d won $1 million. [More]

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American Express Partners With Macy’s, Exxon Mobil & Others For Coalition Loyalty Program

Forget about Costco, American Express seems to have moved on from being dumped by the warehouse club, announcing its partnership with a plethora of retailers and companies for a new venture: a coalition loyalty program. [More]

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Tired Of Saving Those American Express Rewards Points For A Trip? Spend Them At McDonald’s Instead

No one wants to wait months to accumulate enough American Express rewards points to purchase a blender when you can get instant gratification at McDonald’s. That’s right, the fast-food chain now accepts your hard-earned AmEx points in exchange for Big Mac, Quarter Pounders and other fare. [More]

Offering Beer & Cigarettes As Unusual Reward For Lost Dog Brings Woman’s Pet Home

Offering Beer & Cigarettes As Unusual Reward For Lost Dog Brings Woman’s Pet Home

Surely passers-by are familiar with LOST fliers seeking the safe return of a beloved pet. It’s not uncommon for these posts to advertise a monetary reward for wayward dogs and cats, but one dog owner found success dangling a different kind of bait: Beer and cigarettes for the safe return of her pooch. [More]