Kellogg: "Please Don't Eat Our Peanut Butter Sandwich Crackers"

Can’t make it to your local prison, hospital, or school cafeteria to get in on this year’s peanut butter salmonella craze? Kellogg may have you covered at the nearest snack vending machine. The company has announced that it doesn’t want anyone eating its Keebler and Austin brand peanut butter crackers right now while it investigates whether they’re action packed with salmonella stowaways.

If you have any of sandwich crackers listed below, put them aside until Kellogg says otherwise. Or you can call 888-314-2060 to ask about a refund.

Toasted peanut butter sandwich crackers.
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich crackers.
Cheese and peanut butter sandwich crackers.
Peanut butter-chocolate sandwich crackers.

Note: there haven’t been any reports of salmonella poisoning from Kellogg products yet. This is a precautionary measure while Kellogg investigates.

“Kellogg warns not to eat its peanut butter crackers” [CNN]

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