A Farewell To Sparks And Other Alcoholic Energy Drinks

Last week, MillerCoors bowed to pressure from numerous state attorneys general and agreed to decaffeinate its caffeinated alcoholic beverage, Sparks.

MillerCoors joins Anheuser-Busch/InBev, which pulled its alcoholic energy drinks Tilt and Budweiser Extra (also known as B to the E) in June. While some might criticize the taste of Sparks or label it as alcohol for immature people, there are others who are infatuated by oversize cans of corn syrup and herbal supplements. It is to those that we offer this link from the questionably ironic Hipster Runoff: Dear Sparks, Miss U. We’ll pour one out for you.

MillerCoors Drops Caffeine from Sparks Drinks [WSJ]
Dear Sparks, Miss U: A Eulogy by Hipster Runoff

(Photo: cambelina)

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