Fry's Price Matches, But Only If You Pay "Overnight Shipping" For Item In Your Hand

This Fry’s in Texas apparently wants you to pay for them to replace their inventory. Or they think their customers are idiots. Maybe both?

Jim writes:

I just got back from the nearest Fry’s Electronics store in Webster, Tx where I had intended to buy a new Creative XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro Series sound card. Fry’s currently sells the card for $149.99 so I grabbed the box and walked over to the floor supervisor and asked him if he was aware that Best Buy currently has the card on sale for $127.49. Well of course he didn’t, so I asked about getting a price match on the card. He said he would go check into it while I wait.

After about five minutes he returns and informs that they can match the price from Best Buy but I’ll have to pay $14.87 for overnight shipping costs to get that price. WHOA! Wait just a minute here. “How are you going to charge me $14.87 for overnight shipping charges on an item you’re holding in your hand right now? I can go directly to and order the same card for $129.99 with no shipping charge.”

His response was, “I’m sorry sir. That’s the only way I can match their price.” Well I’m sorry, too. I’m sorry you mistook me for a gullible fool that didn”t shop around for a product before I went to purchase it.

Unfortunately for me, the nearest Best Buy store with the card in stock is about 30 miles from me and it really isn’t worth the gas expense and hassle to drive over there.

I’m going to do several things because of this pleasant experience. First, I’m going to order the card straight from the manufacturer. Second, I think an e-mail to the store’s management and customer service department is in order. I would really like an explanation from someone in their management as to why they claim to offer price matching and then try to make up for it with a false shipping charge to an instore customer. And for that matter, if any one reading this has some insight I’d love to hear about it.

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