Suicide: Hedge Fund Manager Who Invested $1.4 Billion In Madoff Scheme Found Dead

A hedge fund manager, Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, who invested $1.4 billion in Madoff’s $50billion Ponzi scheme was found dead by apparent, movie-style, suicide.

Reports Dealbook:

He was found with wounds to his arms, with one leg propped up on the desk and a trash can nearby to catch blood.

…When security opened the door Tuesday morning, they found Mr. de la Villehuchet, with cuts to his arm, wrist and his bicep apparently made with a box cutter. No suicide note was found, and while pills were present, it is unknown if Mr. de la Villehuchet had ingested them.

Shocking, eh? Well, get inured to it. 2009 is going to be full of shit like this as all the funny money you used to be able to push around to hide scams continues to evaporate.

Head of Fund Invested in Madoff Is Found Dead [Dealbook]

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