Personal Finance Roundup

Our weekly roundup of the best personal finance news. Inside: Good charity-dar, scam detection, snow-removal tactics, rebuild your 401k, and warnings about store credit-cards.

How to tell good charities from bad [MSN Money] “In a recession, with nonprofits desperate for your dollars, it’s sometimes harder to tell which groups truly deserve your contributions. These guidelines can help.”

Is This a Scam? [Kiplinger] “Here are eight ‘business opportunities.’ See if you can pick which are scams and which are actual investments.”

Fighting a Frugal Battle Against Ice and Snow [The Simple Dollar] “Here are seven of the best tactics [for handling snow and ice] I’ve found.”

401(k) losses? Get your money back [CNN Money] “Don’t let the market meltdown derail your future. Follow our six-step guide to rebuilding your 401(k).”

Resist that new credit card discount [Consumer Reports] “Think carefully before you agree [to take a store credit card to get a discount], especially if you’re about to finance the purchase of a home, car, or other big-ticket item.”

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