AIG Ad Is Optimistic, Ready To March Down The Field For A Comeback Win

The fall of AIG is old news, but we had to laugh at this ad from the October issue of Money magazine sent in by reader Tom.

I saw this AIG ad on the back of the October issue of Money magazine but I forgot about it until your Top Ten Corporate Blunders article mentioned AIG again.

Since it was on the October issue it would have arrived sometime in September, just about the same time as AIG hit the fan, but the copy would have been written well before that.

The number of ironic statements are incredible, basically the whole ad — “got ’em right where we want them”, “we’ve been in tougher jams than this”, “Now we have the ball”, and the more prescient than ironic “we’ll be there whenever you need us” and “never outlive your money”.

All we can say is, “NO GOOD. WIDE RIGHT!”

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