Iowa Town Uses Garlic Salt To De-Ice The Roads

The roads in a certain Iowa town are deliciously garlic-y. They’ve been using garlic salt to de-ice the streets.

Yes, Ankeny, Iowa is a suburb of Des Moines. It’s like any other town — except for one important distinction. City crews are out spreading garlic salt on the streets.

The garlic salt, which would have ended up in a landfill if it hadn’t been donated by Tone Brothers Inc., a local spice producer, apparently works just fine when mixed with regular road salt.

Public Works Administrator Al Olson told the media that the only side-effect is that some public workers say it makes them hungry.

One such employee, who was interviewed by a local news crew, said, “It makes you feel like ordering a steak and a baked potato.”

Another worker said his dog started licking the garlic from his pants when he got home.

“We’ll take any kind of salt that we can get,” said the city’s representative.

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