Emails Recommendation Ruins Christmas Surprise

Rob is mad because Amazon, in the figurative sense, delivered his wife’s secret Christmas gift in a see-through glass box:

You ruined my wife’s surprise Christmas gift with your helpful email recommendations for my latest purchase. It’s been killing her to know what I bought from Amazon, but since your email recommendations popped up for the TomTom GPS I bought in my IGoogle email widget on our Google homepage now she knows. She didn’t even have to read the who email, the subject line alone gives it away. Your email was an awesome FAIL

For people who share computers, how about leading online retailers provide a checkbox during purchase so you can opt-out of upsell recommendations for that purchase getting pushed to you?

Don’t feel too bad, Rob, at least it wasn’t a diamond ring you were purchasing for your betrothed-to-be…

(Photo: Getty)

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