NASCAR Begs You To Buy More Stuff From Its Sponsors

With the potential demise of the Big Three auto companies looming on the horizon and a general exodus of advertisers from sponsorship deals, NASCAR may be in trouble.

Race attendance is down and its fan base is shrinking, says Ad Age. Now NASCAR President Mike Helton is publicly begging fans to buy sponsor’s products.

“And I would ask you, in the times that we’re going through right now, that when you… when you are out shopping and you are on a mission to purchase something, consider the sponsors that are involved in the sport, if you would. Because they are here because of you and they also play a huge role in supporting our sport and so if you would at least give them a shot, and consideration when you’re out doing your shopping during the holiday season,” pleaded Helton.

Ad Age also said that NASCAR’s fate lies largely on the shoulders of Congress, due to the fact that the sport is so heavily supported by the Big Three automakers. By bailing out the auto industry, Congress may also be bailing out NASCAR.

Nascar President Pleads With Fans to Support Sponsors [Ad Age]

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