The Crappy Economy Means You'd Better Learn To Love Canned Soup

You know who is making money despite the total eclipse of your 401k? Campbell Soup Company. That’s right. When you’re broke — you eat soup. But which soup should you eat?

Consumer Reports tests soup, and they’ve reported that the Original Soup Man (yes, the guy from Seinfeld), which costs $3 for a single cup, made the tastiest but not exactly the cheapest chicken soup. Campbell’s Select Chicken With Egg Noodles ($1.32 a cup), was only “good” because of its “slightly sour, fatty mouthfeel” and “mushy vegetables.”

Sounds delicious.

So tell us: Are you eating more soup lately?

What soups do you like?

Soup sales are a sign of the times [Consumer Reports]
(Photo: jonathon )

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